Travelling by Interrail

In the past couple of months I've travelled more than I ever have in such a short period of time. I've travelled with my son and partner and on my own too. From a weekend in London with my family through to flying to Germany on my own for the day, it's been an experience and a half. It's been a little none stop, I have to admit but I've enjoyed every moment. All this travelling has given me the bug and has fuelled a new passion of mine.

Although travelling can be a little stressful at times it's something we want to do more as a family as it's an experience we all take great joy from. With this in mind I've recently been researching different ways in which to travel as travelling by car, bus or plane can get a little tiresome and repetitive. Not just that but it's also nice to give my partner a rest from being sat behind the wheel, something he doesn't really enjoy. One way of travelling that has really stood out to me is Interrailing. 

Interrail is a way to travel across Europe or even across country at a fraction of the cost without any compromise on travel times or comfort. It's also very flexible which I feel I need as a traveller. You simply purchase a rail pass through their website and you are free to travel across around 30 countries in Europe! To find out more information about Interrailing check out this link by Money Life magazine.

The possibilities are endless with Interrail and I'm already dreaming of all the places we could visit. I think our first trip would probably have to be through Western Europe as it's not too far to travel on our first time Interrailing. We could also enjoy the sights of Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam and even Northern Italy. 
Although Interrail is totally new to me it's an idea that has really got me excited and something that we plan to do the next time we travel. I'm really looking forward to our next family adventure!  

Would you ever consider travelling via Interrail? Where would you go first?

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  1. I would consider this -dont really know ehere i would go first

  2. I'd never heard of Interrail, but it looks really good value! I'd love to explore Italy first!