21 & 22 Weeks Pregnant - Baby #2

It's going to be a double post this week from me because everything has been so hectic here lately, in the best kind of way. It's sort of a good thing though because by posting my 21 & 22 week update it means I'm more up to date and not a week behind.

With this being a double this week the baby has done some serious growing! She's grown from roughly 10 inch to 11 inch and from 12.7 oz to 1lb. This of course is an estimate as it all depends on the baby but gives us parents a nice idea of how they are coming a long. I've always thought she was a little bigger though because I've felt her from so early on and she's already so powerful for her gestation.

The babies digestive system is developing and she is beginning to swallow amniotic fluid and absorbing small amounts of sugar though of course most of the nutrients are delivered from the placenta. Her senses are really coming through too as her taste buds and nerve endings are forming. Lots of changes in just two weeks of time.

Symptom wise the only thing which has changed somewhat is my heartburn and indigestion, it's just getting worse. I requested a repeat prescription of Gaviscon this week as I did with Noah so that will probably take the edge off a little. Whilst I was at my GP's I also had my whooping cough and flu vaccine at the same time which left me with two totally useless arms for a couple of days, ha ha. Nice to have them done and out of the way though, one less thing to think about.

Bump wise I think that I look more 30 weeks than 21 and 22 weeks pregnant, I'm huge! I was the same with Noah and everyone expected a big baby but he was only dainty at 7lb 2oz, let's hope his baby sister is just the same! My belly button sticks right out now too and every time I touch it I feel queezy! It feels like a popped balloon! Also did you know that stretch marks can get stretch marks? Well you do now as this week I noticed a new stretch mark on an old one and I couldn't help but laugh as I'm so prone to them!

See you next week! 


  1. You mention being aware of movement (baby2 be) from a much earlier stage with this pregnancy compared to your pregnancy with Noah. Apparently with first pregnancy mother2be feels movement at a later stage than with successive pregnancy / ies. Reasons:- Maybe not sure what it's like as first experience, also muscles will be tighter than in later pregnancies most likely.

    Yet you seem to have felt movement from a quite early stage in this pregnancy, who knows why? You have a theory, I suppose we do tend to look for reasons for things / situations / experiences / circumstances. I think it helps us understand, store memory etc.

    You mention Noah's birthweight, describing it as Dainty. Nice term, I was the same birthweight. Bump looking good. Probably bumps vary from woman to woman :- We vary in height, breadth etc.

    Looking good. Enjoying life with Noah. Best Wishes. Are you enjoying new friendships now with pregnancy? As it can be a time when you come in contact with others who are pregnant, as well as people showing interest in your growing bump, and delightful youngster (Noah). Some Mothers make friendships at this time, which may go on to last a lifetime.

    Rachel Craig

  2. Love following your progress x

  3. Looking great here!