First Trimester - Baby #2

I blogged throughout pregnancy when I was expecting Noah and reading through those posts are a reminder of one of the most special times in my life, I treasure those posts. So with my positive pregnancy test this week I decided to start my first trimester post for baby number two.

17/06/16 - 4 Weeks:

I got my positive pregnancy test a couple of days ago. It's Nick's 30th birthday today and I'm currently 4 weeks pregnant. I already feel changes in myself, similar to the ones I had leading up to my positive test though. Sore boobs, mood swings, nausea, exhaustion and cravings already! I keep wanting to eat meat! Which is very odd because I'm not the biggest of meat eaters usually and when I was pregnant with Noah I couldn't eat meat for weeks! I booked my first midwife appointment today and it will be on the 18th July, a whole month away! 

28/06/16 - 5 Weeks:

The baby is tiny and is around the size of an apple seed. This stage is vital as the embryo is splitting and developing and creating all the important systems such as central nervous system, the brain, circulatory system and other major internal organs. I'm now 5 and a half weeks pregnant and so far boy don't I know it. The exhaustion and nausea struck right away and my mood swings have been insane! I don't remember feeling this way when I was expecting Noah, not to this level anyway. If I wake up in a bad mood I know I'm gonna feel like that for the rest of the day and the same if I wake in a good mood. I've also had the flu for the past couple of days so that mixed with first trimester symptoms all whilst looking after a two year old hasn't been much fun! That being said Noah is a blooming angel and I couldn't ask for him to be any better, he's not been hard work at all. It's safe to say I'm already counting down the days until second trimester but a positive of having so many symptoms it's a constant reminder that there's a baby being made in there and that makes it so worth while. I'm also convinced I'm having a girl but only time will tell, I'd be happy with either. 

07/07/16 - 6 Weeks:
The baby is the size of a small pea, is rapidly growing and has tripled in size this week. The tiny heart has even started to pump blood. My mood swings seemed to settle this week and my hormones have calmed down a little so I've found that to be a relief and so has Nick, ha ha. That's been the only one though because my nausea has been crazy and none stop. The moment I wake up to them moment I go to bed I feel sick. I've got so many food aversions and the thought, sight and smell of the majority of foods turns my stomach. It's safe to say that Slimming World has gone out the window because I'm literally eating the food that I can stomach and that at the moment seems to be bread, crisps, cheese, crackers and apple. I'm still really tired too and have found that having an afternoon nap with Noah helps a lot but we don't have one every day.

15/07/16 - 7 Weeks:
The baby is now the size of a blueberry and this week the brain is becoming more complex and more developed. Tiny limbs are also starting to bud. This week has been pants symptom wise! I'm finding the nausea and exhaustion so much worse this time around and it's just so relentless. I'm getting fed up of being tired, feeling sick and being moody. I know it's all worth it and all part of being pregnant but I definitely didn't have it this rough when expecting Noah. I have so many food aversions that it's hard to eat at the moment and what I can stomach is so limited. I have my first midwife appointment on Monday though, which I'm looking forward to and I so can't wait for second trimester! 

23/07/16 - 8 Weeks:
Baby is now the size of a raspberry but although so small now has limbs that can flex and tiny little fingers and toes are developing. I've felt so much better this week, hurray! I'm not as tired and mood wise I feel fine but I seem to keep getting random back spasms and pains. 
My nausea has subsided somewhat though and I've not had as many food aversions either. At the moment I'm loving cheese and tomato sandwiches and crunchy nut cornflakes, not together of course! It's been lovely to have some nice weather and just enjoy that one on one time with Noah before this baby arrives. I had my first midwife appointment this week and it all went fine. I was measured, weighed, blood and urine samples were taken and I was also given my pregnancy book. While I was there the midwife booked my 12 week scan too, everything feels so real now.

28/07/16 - 9 Weeks:
The baby is now the size of a green olive and he or she has tiny fingers and toes. Nausea has pretty much left the building now but my appetite hasn't yet returned. I seem to prefer to snack rather than eat proper meals and I could live off bread and cereal at the moment. I'm already up 3lb but I'm not letting it bother me too much. I've literally been eating whatever I can stomach and that's not really been much these last few weeks. We all talk about the baby a lot and every day we get more and more excited. I speak to Noah about the baby every day and at first I didn't think he would understand but he really does. When I take my folic acid in the morning he tells me they are Mummy's pills and they are for the baby and when I ask him if he wants a brother or a sister he shouts "boy baby!" He's going to make an amazing brother and will love having a sibling!

04/08/16 - 10 Weeks:
Now the size of a prune the baby's vital organs have formed and are beginning to function. This week my nausea was still at bay but it would rear it's ugly head once in a while. My appetite still hasn't come back and I have so many food aversions that it's unreal. All my usual favourite meals I can't imagine eating, like pasta bakes or roast dinners. It's so strange! Other than that things have been great and you'll notice by the photo below that I've already popped just like I did with Noah. First trimester is just flying by! I don't remember it going by so quickly with Noah but then again I didn't have a toddler to chase around back then! 

11/08/16 - 11 Weeks

The baby is now the size of a lime and is now developed enough to be officially called a fetus, though they've been a baby from day one for me. All the important organ development has now been completed and the baby will double in size by next week. Nausea is still here but not half as much but it does seem to hit me quite strong when it does arrive. My hormones have been all over the show this week and I've become quite spotty too. On the plus side I've not been as tired and well it's all worth it! That goes without saying. 

15/08/16 - 12 Weeks:
The baby is now the size of a plum and the features on his or her face are becoming more defined. The baby even has tiny finger nails! I've felt pretty much the same as last week, the nausea comes ago, my appetite is still rubbish, I'm knackered, I'm spotty and my emotions are all over the place. But let's move onto the exciting part! This week I felt those very first flutters! I was led in bed and those familiar little butterfly wings started fluttering by! I thought maybe it was too soon for this but after a quick google I read that women can feel flutters as early as 12 weeks when it's their second child. We also bought a couple of things for the baby this week too which I really enjoyed. On Monday we have our 12 week scan so I have been feeling a little anxious but after feeling those flutters I do feel a little more at ease. So excited for our scan!  

So that's it now for my first trimester post, it seems to have flown by in the blink of an eye! I'll now be blogging weekly or fortnightly throughout second and third trimester. I'm already so in love with baby #2 and I hope that everything goes well.


Mummy & Me - August

Another month brings another Mummy & Me post which is a fantastic linky hosted by my friend Nicola who blogs at Life Through My Eyes. August has gone by in a blur and has had many highs and many lows. Pregnancy announcements, first scan, first flutters but then a death in the family too. It's safe to say I'm looking forward to seeing what September brings. I just had to chose those two selfies for this month's photo as they pretty much sum up the pair of us to a tee, serious when we need to be but very silly the majority of the time. I had to include the photo below, mummy, me and baby bump! 

Bibetta Lunch Bag - Review & Competition

Noah starts nursery in September so it couldn't have come at a better time when Bibetta offered to send us one of their lunch bags to try out and review. We also go on many picnics and days out so we knew that the lunch bag would be perfect for those reasons too.

I was already familiar with Bibetta as they are well known for their amazing bibs as the quality is next to none and the same came be said for their lunch bags. The lunch bags come in four different designs and colours; Blue Fish, Pink Butterflies, Turquoise Birds and Green Owls so there is a bag for every child's preference. We received the Blue Fish design for the purpose of this review which like the rest of the patterns is bold, attractive and very eye catching. Each bag comes with a matching name tag which is ideal for nursery and school.

The lunch bags are made from 100% neoprene material which makes them waterproof, durable and resilient. The interior is completely seamless so it's easy to clean and also prevents moisture or trapped food. They are also insulated so keeps their lunches fresher for longer.   

There are so many features to the Bibetta lunch bag which I love but a favourite of mine has got to be the size of them. They aren't too big or too small, just the right size for toddlers and young children. I also have to mention that they are totally machine washable too!

The Bibetta Lunch bags usually retail at £9.99 but are currently on sale at just £4.99 so the perfect time to snatch one up. Not only that but I'm also giving away one on the blog! To enter all you need to do is use the Gleam form below. Good luck and don't forget to enter my other blog competitions

Bibetta Lunch Bag

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1. There will be 1 winner who will win 1 Bibetta lunch bag.
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3. Competition ends 02/10/16
4. Incomplete entries with be disqualified. 
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Project 365 - Week 34

21st August- 27th August








Another emotional roller coaster of a week. The week started lovely with a family afternoon out on the Sunday. Then on Monday my friend Cassie who blogs over at Lily's Little Learners visited for the afternoon. It was lovely to see our little ones play so nicely together, even though there is a year difference. They both shared and were both very loving to one another, there was lots of hand holding and big smooches. Wednesday I took Noah up to his Nan's for the afternoon so he could play with his older cousins who are off for the Summer holidays. Thursday was the day I was dreading, it was my Nanna's funeral. The service was simple and as nice as a funeral can possibly be but my heart broke. A mixture of grief, regret and many tears. I feel better now that she's at rest and we've said our goodbyes but it still doesn't feel real. Friday and Saturday was spent shopping and with family as the weather had taken a turn come the weekend. Here's to next week.

What have you been up to this week?

Nausea, nausea, everywhere!

I'm currently 7 and a half weeks pregnant and this post will stay in my drafts until I've announced my pregnancy at 12 weeks. As I sit here and type I can't describe how sick I feel, it's overwhelming. I don't remember feeling this sick with Noah, just in the mornings but then it subsided for the rest of the day. This time around I wake up with it, it sticks with me for the entire day and the strangest of things can make it even worse. Though lemonade gives me some relief! 

I aimed to be healthier in this pregnancy because when I was expecting Noah I put on over two stone. Two years later and I'd pretty much lost all that baby weight after a lot of hard work and changes but I can already see myself sliding into my bad habits. 
Weight gain is all part in parcel with pregnancy of course and I know I will gain in this one, I just hope not as much. It's just this time around I wanted to make healthier decisions when it comes to food and to stick to Slimming World the best I can but with the nausea it's been near enough impossible. Most foods are currently turning my stomach and the only food my body seems to be able to hack is bread, crackers, crisps, sweets, lemonade and ice lollies. When you can't stomach most food you literally eat whatever you can manage but it's just typical that the stuff I'm able to eat is the stuff which isn't healthy. 

I've also got to think how fortunate I am because I've not had morning sickness or hyperemesis gravidarum like some of my friends do so in comparison this is a walk in the park. It sure doesn't feel like it though especially when you can't open your fridge anymore without retching and even the sun shining too brightly on your face turns your stomach. I'm just hoping the nausea subsides once I get to second trimester! 

Did you get nausea, morning sickness or hyperemesis gravidarum in pregnancy? 

Tips for Making Common Home Renovations Child Safe

Every parent knows that a baby or toddler will poke their noses into anything they encounter, and if they're not being adequately supervised or kept away from potential hazards, the result can be disastrous to say the least. That doesn't mean your entire house has to look like a padded cell though, as it's easy to designate a child-safe play area that keeps your little ones from destroying your valuables and getting into mischief. With that said, consider the following tips if you're preparing to do some common home renovations:

1. Opt for Non-Toxic Products
This is especially a concern if you're going to be painting indoors, as the aroma that lingers for days after is not only unpleasant it's also bad for babies to breathe in. Consider using a milk paint alternative like the one sold by Real Milk Paint at They also have oxalic acid for sale, which is known to be far less dangerous than some of the other wood bleaching solutions on the market.

2. Use Corner Guards and Outlet Covers
If you're planning on adding new components or are looking for ways to increase the overall safety of a room, consider using edge and corner guard cushions. These can easily be attached to the hard and potentially dangerous areas of furniture pieces and walls, and in many cases they can be true lifesavers by preventing serious injuries that are sometimes incurred due to the common slips and falls that children are prone to. Likewise, be sure to use outlet covers to keep little fingers from poking at electrical sockets.

3. Avoid or Secure Heavy Furniture
Heavy furniture items like dressers, night stands, tables, and entertainment systems should be avoided altogether or adequately secured against the wall. There have been cases where children have pulled over large objects onto themselves. This is especially concerning if you have multiple children in the toddler age group or if you live in an area that is prone to earthquakes or storms.

4. Use Powerful Fans for Air Circulation
Regardless of what kind of home renovation you're doing, chances are there's going to be a good amount of dust in the air throughout the process. Open all the windows and doors, and strategically position high-powered fans throughout the room to facilitate strong air flow. Let the room air out for a day or two in this manner before letting children return to the area.

5. Keep Movable Items Out of Reach
If you're going to be adding a built-in fixture or feature like a fold-out table, armoire, or rotating TV stand, be sure to put anything movable out of the reach of children. This will ensure that the kids don't knock things over at the cost of your belongings and/or their personal safety.

6. Don't Forget to Cordon Off the Area
Finally, regardless of what kind of renovation you'll be doing, it will probably involve tools, chemicals, and other products that are not child-safe. Thus, be sure to cordon off any work area and preferably have children play outside or visit the babysitter while the dirty work is being done.
- This is a PR collaboration 

The 12 Week Scan - Baby #2

As I type this it's 10:00am on Monday morning and at 1:30pm today we have our 12 week scan! Every emotion is currently running through my core and my belly is in knots but above all else I'm so excited. I hope everything goes well.

We've now had our scan and first of all let me say that everything went fine! I was so nervous when in the waiting room. My belly was churning and I felt sick even. I'd felt those first flutters a couple of nights before my scan and although they'd put my mind at ease somewhat the anxiety remained.

After a brief wait we were quickly called to ultrasound room. On entering I jumped on the table, whipped down my leggings and got out my belly. It was like taking a trip down memory lane! When the baby popped up on the screen all the worry left my body and I felt I could breathe again. The moment you see your baby on the screen is just one of the most incredible experiences and I imagine that feeling never gets old, no matter how many children you have. The sonographer was really nice and she talked us all the way through the scan and confirmed that everything was okay. Unlike Noah at his 12 week scan this baby cooperated and made the sonographer's job a lot easier. The lady showed us every nook and cranky of our baby and we saw them jumping, wiggling and rolling around. At one point she zoomed right up to the little feet and it was one of the sweetest things I've ever seen, teenie tiny feet rubbing up against one another just like I do for comfort. 

On leaving the room both Nick and I were on cloud 9. We paid for our scan photo and then had to wait to see a nurse for the routine tests. During the midwife visit I was surprised to find my iron levels are great this time around and I think that's because I've been eating a lot of spinach and leafy green lately as I didn't want to have to take iron supplements this pregnancy.

My next midwife appointment is at 16 weeks and around that time we will also be having our private gender scan too! We are so excited!

Any early bets? Do you think team blue or team pink?

Organix Goodies NEW Breadsticks & Crispy Bars - Competition

Organix have been a favourite of ours ever since Noah started weaning two years ago. A great brand for both weaning, through to toddlerhood and beyond as their range of snacks grow with your child. Organix Goodies are always adding new snacks to their wide range of yummy and healthy snacks and today I thought I'd introduce you to two of their newest creations.

Organix Goodies Mini Cheese & Chive Breadsticks.
New mini cheese & chive breadsticks extend the savouries range from Organix Goodies and offer little ones new tastes and textures to explore. Packed in handy portion bags, these crunchy little sticks are great for nibbling on – a fun tasty choice to keep toddlers going in between meals and on the go.

Toddlers can have some fun exploring their new Goodies mini breadsticks – try stirring and dipping them into hummous, salsa, or a delicious homemade soup and great for summer picnics. 
They come in a multipack containing 4 x 20g portion bags – for tiny little tummies on the go. RRP: £1.99.

Organix Goodies Crispy Bars.
If your little one loves Goodies soft oaty bars they’ll love to try these new crispy bars. They’re available in two tasty flavours: tangy berry - bursting with a fruity twist from strawberry and raspberry juice and scrummy cocoa & orange – a new flavour in your local supermarket’s baby aisle. Packed into individually wrapped bars for little tums, they offer a new lighter texture for little ones to explore on the go or in between meals.

These new crispy bars come with the Organix No Junk Promise, a stamp of reassurance that they are made with the best organic ingredients and contain nothing unnecessary, so your little one gets great tasting snacks, without the junk.

New Goodies crispy bars come in a multipack containing 6 x 18g individually wrapped bars. RRP: £2.49 You’ll find them online at Ocado and in selected Tesco, Morrison’s and Waitrose stores. Coming soon in other retailers.

Both new snacks the line up of award winning toddler snacks from Organix Goodies. Available in a variety of fun shapes and delicious flavours and textures, Goodies make exploring all kinds of foods fun and enjoyable as little ones grow up.

To celebrate the launch of Organix Goodies tasty new snacks I've teamed up with them to give away 2 picnic hampers both worth over £30! Not only can your little one try out some of their new snacks but there’s also a lunchbag, a hat and water bottle included too, perfect for your little explorer’s adventures! Good luck and don't forget to enter my other blog competitions

Organix Goodies Hamper worth £30

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3. Competition ends 30/09/16
4. Incomplete entries with be disqualified. 
5. UK entries only.

Project 365 - Week 33

14th August- 20th August








Well what a week it's been. I'd like to say it's all been positive but I'm afraid it's not. You may have noticed I recently announced my pregnancy, we are so happy and so excited! On Monday we had an amazing day as we had our 12 week scan and everything was fine. The feeling you get when you see your baby on the screen for the first time and learn that everything is okay is indescribable. We were on a high and told everyone our news then later that night I learned that my Nanna had passed away. It happened around the time I had my scan which makes everything so bitter sweet. It left me speechless and I'm still coming to terms with it. I'm actually thinking about blogging about it cause writing all those thoughts and feelings down is so therapeutic but I'm not sure if I would publish it. Will see how I get on. So yeah, this week has seen major highs and extreme lows but as people have said to me recently, that's life.

What have you been up to this week?

TTC Diary - Trying for baby #2

After having my 12 week scan and announcing my pregnancy this week I thought it was time to publish this post that has been sitting in my drafts for the past two months. It's all about our TTC journey which again was quite brief, we've been fortunate.


Up until a few months ago I didn't feel ready for another baby for various reasons and I felt like I wanted to enjoy Noah on his own for a while longer. This all changed when we headed into the new year and Nick and I started discussing the possibility of baby number two. Fast forward a few months and we are ready, excited and nervous but totally ready! Here I will write all about our trying to conceive journey, the up's and the down's and will probably publish once I've announced a pregnancy, whenever that may be. 

As I type this it's a Saturday afternoon, I'm in my fertile window and we are on our first month of trying. I don't think I have ovulated just yet as I haven't felt that sharp sensation that I usually get but I'm thinking it will be either today or tomorrow. That being said I know how TTC works and have been doing the same as we did the last time, without getting into any gory details! We conceived Noah in our first month of trying, I wonder if we will be that lucky this time around?


It's Thursday afternoon and I thought I'd better check in and write how I've been feeling whilst it's still fresh in my head. When I fell pregnant with Noah I felt symptoms literally almost straight away, sore boobs, sensitive mood wise, exhaustion, nausea, vivid dreams. I knew I was pregnant as I couldn't ignore all the signs as there was so many! I'm feeling the exact same this time around, so much so it's like deja vu but what's different this time around is that I'm doubting myself because how can we be fortunate enough to get pregnant twice both in the first month of trying? What would be the chances of that? I'm no longer in my fertile window so all we can do now is wait. I've already started testing in the morning although I know it's way too soon, just like I did last time around. I'm not entirely sure when I ovulated this time so I will be testing all next week and hoping for those two red lines.

I write this on a Tuesday afternoon and for the past couple of days I've been testing with some early tests I bought off the internet. So far I've not even had the slightest of a red line but I'm not fretting yet as I'm only around 10dpo. I still think I'm pregnant as I have so many signs; nausea, exhaustion, insomnia, heightened sense of smell, emotional, mood swings, sore boobs and vivid dreams. I have found myself doubting myself this time around though as I previously mentioned but I can't ignore what my body is telling me. Surely I can't be having all these symptoms and not be pregnant? 

It's Wednesday and I tested this morning and I saw a faint line! I can't believe it and I don't want to get my hopes up until I get a clear blue test to confirm it but I just "feel" pregnant too so fingers crossed!


So yesterday evening I caved and went to the shop the pick up some Clear Blue pregnancy tests. I did this while Nick and Noah were with me but I sent them to the toy isle so I could make my purchase in secret. I'd intended to take the test on Friday as I knew that was the day or my missed period and it's also Nick's 30th birthday but the temptation of having the tests in my bag was too much! Once I got home I took a test and it confirmed that I am indeed pregnant! As soon as I saw it on the Clear Blue test there was noway I could wait another two days to tell him so I ran downstairs and said I had a early birthday present for him! I gave him the test and said "I'm pregnant!" He hugged me and was at a loss for words! He couldn't believe we were fortunate enough to fall pregnant the first month of trying again and also said it was amazing that I just knew again, straight away!
I still can't believe it, it still doesn't feel real. I suppose it won't fully until I have the 12 week scan which I'm already looking forward to so much!

On that note I suppose our TTC has come to an end, already! I'm going to start writing my pregnancy posts but of course won't publish any of these until I have announced! So here we go, pregnancy number two!

How To Keep Your Skin Healthy When Travelling

AD - This is a PR collaboration.

Our facial care needs are different for each season and especially for summer travel. This is due to changes in weather conditions, but also our habits due to our travels, especially if you’re visiting the hottest greek islands with your yacht. The humidity and heat that prevails during the summer months during your travels can make your skin more vulnerable and dull. Some women may notice more oiliness, while others experience dry skin on the face. In some cases, the skin may even have discolourations or lesions.

Find out what are the ideal products for your daily routine in the middle of travel in order to keep your skin beautiful and radiant. This will protect it from the bright sun and the photoaging that results from the most significant exposure to it. If you want to give your skin and body the boost that it needs then take a look at Nucific on Facebook which stock an array of different supplements.

In summer, you need a non-itchy facial cleanser
As insignificant or strange as it may seem to you, in the warm months, our face needs a thin, light cosmetic for deep cleansing of the skin with the indication of non-itchy. This is because, in the summer, we are more exposed to the sweat, dirt and sand that accumulates on the skin's surface. For this reason, it is recommended to use a product that removes excess oil, prevents clogging of the pores, as well as irritations or freckles that can be caused by sun exposure.

Using morning evening, you can keep your skin beautiful and radiant. And of course, after a visit to the sea, do not neglect the cleansing of your face as soon as you return home. This way, you will prevent pimples and blur.

Use a lightly moisturizing face cream
Despite the increased humidity and the use of sunscreen in the summer, our skin continues to need hydration. Therefore, we should not neglect our cream.

But what we should be careful about is investing in a lighter, non-food-based composition based on water. Our skin needs a less oily product that does not clog pores and prevents the appearance of pimples that are usually formed by increased oiliness. After all, sweat is not considered a moisturizing agent. Also, an ideal choice is a cream with Vitamin C. It acts against free radicals that lead to ageing and wrinkles. At the same time, it treats the dullness of the skin and the appearance of discolourations, such as freckles, thanks to its ability to improve its tone. In addition, it has antioxidants, increases collagen production and creates a shield that keeps harmful sun rays away. Alternatively, use a vitamin C serum after cleansing and before applying the face cream. It also contains the necessary antioxidants for the summer care of your skin.

Do not neglect the eye area
The skin around the eyes is sensitive and thinner than the rest of the face. Therefore, it needs even more attention during the summer months. By investing in a rich moisturizer and a sunscreen ideal for this sensitive skin, you will keep your look youthful and fresh. Equally effective is the use of a gel with hyaluronic acid, cucumber or honey that deeply moisturizes the area and prevents wrinkles. And of course, do not forget the sunglasses. They protect not only the eyes but also the sensitive area around them.

A toning lotion or a face mist will make your skin more radiant
Using an alcohol-free toner can help your skin stay radiant and beautiful during the Summer. So after cleansing your face, apply a toning lotion to close the pores and reduce oiliness, especially in the T area (forehead, nose).

Equally compelling, tonic and refreshing are the face mist. You can spray it on your face whenever you need a feeling of coolness, thus always keeping it hydrated. At the same time, this spray increases the duration of your summer makeup. All these tonic products can be found in an online store like Foto Pharmacy, which includes all these fantastic care products during your summer trip.

Big Brother in Training

By now you may already know that I'm currently expecting baby number two as I recently announced it across my social media channels and of course blogged about it here. We are so very excited to expand our family and are totally ready for another little bundle of love! 

On the lead up to our announcement I thought of all the ways to go about announcing our news and my favourite was a simple yet effective one. I bought Noah a "Big Brother in Training" t'shirt online and simply decided to snap away. I wanted some really sweet, happy and natural photo's to mark the occasion and that's exactly what I got. Noah was an absolute dream and I had all the photo's I needed in about three minutes! Little superstar! So here they are in all their glory, our announcement photo's.

and let's not forget about the outtakes and photobombing cat! 

How did you announce your pregnancy? 

Announcing baby #2

I've been harbouring a secret for quite some time now but I can now finally announce to the world that we are expecting baby number two, due 20/2/17. It all happened very quickly just like it did with Noah and we couldn't be happier. Prepare for many pregnancy related posts over the next couple of months as it's one of my favourite experiences to document! Here we go again, bring it on!  

Weleda Baby - Competition

All parents know the importance of using soft and gentle products on our little ones skin. When they are born we use the softest of cotton wool with luke warm boiled water to clean them and we only dress them in only the softest of clothes. As they get older and their skin becomes more resilient it's time to introduce a little product here and there and a favourite of ours has always been Weleda.

We were recently sent the Weleda Baby Shampoo & Body Wash and the Weleda Baby Derma White Mallow Body Lotion to try out and both have been used at every bath time since. 

The Weleda Calendula Shampoo & Body Wash is an award-winning formula that gently cares for your baby’s skin, leaving it cleansed, hydrated and soft to the touch. The Weleda Shampoo & Body Wash will give your baby a gentle bath time that will also leave that gorgeous new baby smell that we all love intact. The natural ingredients of organic calendula support the development of health skin and sweet almond oil to provide a splash of hydration while the soft lather doesn’t sting baby’s eyes. This 2 in 1 product retails at £7.50 for a 200ml bottle.

The White Mallow Body Lotion is perfect for any child with sensitive skin, apply this moisturising lotion daily to provide essential hydration and to maintain the optimum condition of their skin. Fragrance free, natural and 95% organic, the Weleda White Mallow. This lotion costs £9.95 for a 200ml bottle.

Not only were we sent these products to try out but I also have a set to give away on the blog too. If you'd like to win both products mentioned in this post then please use the Gleam form below. Good luck and don't forget to enter my other blog competitions

Weleda Baby Products

Terms & Conditions.                                                                                                 
1. There will be 1 winner who will win the prize mentioned above.
2. Prize supplied directly from the PR. 
3. Competition ends 23/09/16
4. Incomplete entries with be disqualified. 
5. UK entries only.