How To Keep Your Skin Healthy When Travelling

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Our facial care needs are different for each season and especially for summer travel. This is due to changes in weather conditions, but also our habits due to our travels, especially if you’re visiting the hottest greek islands with your yacht. The humidity and heat that prevails during the summer months during your travels can make your skin more vulnerable and dull. Some women may notice more oiliness, while others experience dry skin on the face. In some cases, the skin may even have discolourations or lesions.

Find out what are the ideal products for your daily routine in the middle of travel in order to keep your skin beautiful and radiant. This will protect it from the bright sun and the photoaging that results from the most significant exposure to it. If you want to give your skin and body the boost that it needs then take a look at Nucific on Facebook which stock an array of different supplements.

In summer, you need a non-itchy facial cleanser
As insignificant or strange as it may seem to you, in the warm months, our face needs a thin, light cosmetic for deep cleansing of the skin with the indication of non-itchy. This is because, in the summer, we are more exposed to the sweat, dirt and sand that accumulates on the skin's surface. For this reason, it is recommended to use a product that removes excess oil, prevents clogging of the pores, as well as irritations or freckles that can be caused by sun exposure.

Using morning evening, you can keep your skin beautiful and radiant. And of course, after a visit to the sea, do not neglect the cleansing of your face as soon as you return home. This way, you will prevent pimples and blur.

Use a lightly moisturizing face cream
Despite the increased humidity and the use of sunscreen in the summer, our skin continues to need hydration. Therefore, we should not neglect our cream.

But what we should be careful about is investing in a lighter, non-food-based composition based on water. Our skin needs a less oily product that does not clog pores and prevents the appearance of pimples that are usually formed by increased oiliness. After all, sweat is not considered a moisturizing agent. Also, an ideal choice is a cream with Vitamin C. It acts against free radicals that lead to ageing and wrinkles. At the same time, it treats the dullness of the skin and the appearance of discolourations, such as freckles, thanks to its ability to improve its tone. In addition, it has antioxidants, increases collagen production and creates a shield that keeps harmful sun rays away. Alternatively, use a vitamin C serum after cleansing and before applying the face cream. It also contains the necessary antioxidants for the summer care of your skin.

Do not neglect the eye area
The skin around the eyes is sensitive and thinner than the rest of the face. Therefore, it needs even more attention during the summer months. By investing in a rich moisturizer and a sunscreen ideal for this sensitive skin, you will keep your look youthful and fresh. Equally effective is the use of a gel with hyaluronic acid, cucumber or honey that deeply moisturizes the area and prevents wrinkles. And of course, do not forget the sunglasses. They protect not only the eyes but also the sensitive area around them.

A toning lotion or a face mist will make your skin more radiant
Using an alcohol-free toner can help your skin stay radiant and beautiful during the Summer. So after cleansing your face, apply a toning lotion to close the pores and reduce oiliness, especially in the T area (forehead, nose).

Equally compelling, tonic and refreshing are the face mist. You can spray it on your face whenever you need a feeling of coolness, thus always keeping it hydrated. At the same time, this spray increases the duration of your summer makeup. All these tonic products can be found in an online store like Foto Pharmacy, which includes all these fantastic care products during your summer trip.

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