Living Arrows #15 - Merry Christmas!

Christmas as a parent is one of the most amazing times of a year, a truly magical time. It's almost as though we can relive the wonder all over again, through our children. Christmas Eve is probably my favourite day of the whole season because I love building up the excitement for the kids and asking them to help prepare everything for the big man's arrival.

This year we had our annual Christmas Eve boxes, filled with lots of yummy treats, Christmas jumpers, a book, bath bombs, and a few more bits and bats. We also did the usual tradition of leaving out a glass of milk, a mince pie for Father Christmas and a carrot for the reindeer. We also left some reindeer food (oats) in a bowl and hung a magic key on our front door. The kids went to sleep as soon as their heads hit the pillow and they were up at the crack of dawn, it was still pitch black outside! We had the most amazing Christmas and we hope that you all did too! Merry Christmas!

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A Review Of Online Valuation Tools

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Online property valuation has been on the rise since many people opt for this option for many reasons. Homeowners who are looking to market their houses are using online property valuation tools. The tools help them to find out the selling price of the property. Online valuation tools are also faster in delivering price quotations than the traditional means of using a real estate agent. This is a good starting point before looking into other services that you need - like what conveyancing solicitors in Stockport have to offer.

When it comes to online valuation tools all you have to do is enter a few details about your property on the website. Such details include: 

• The physical address of the property. 
• Number of bedrooms. 
• How old is the structure.
And you will receive a quotation that is very detailed in a few moments. Here are some merits and demerits of using online valuation tools. 

• They are a great reference tool- the online valuation tools can be used even by buyers. The buyers can view the market price of a particular property in a given area. They will also be able to compare the prices and decide based on their budget or other factors. 
• They give you a good starting point- once you know how much your property is worth; it provides you with an idea of how much you will sell. This is convenient because you will not need to contact anyone to get a rough idea of your property’s worth. 
• It’s a lot cheaper- having to bring someone over to estimate how much your property is worth can be expensive. Thus, when determining if the value is appreciating or otherwise, using an online valuation tool is pretty cheap. 
• They are trustworthy- most of the online valuation tools provide you with very detailed information. They tell you how many people have used the system, and they’ll even show you their client reviews. Additionally, they provide the criteria they used to come up with the price of the property. 

• Each tool may produce a different value- the websites with these valuation tools are all designed by different professionals. This means that each device will generate a contrasting value based on the algorithms they use.

UK Property Price Advice tool
If you are looking for a free and useful valuation tool, then this is the one. Using this website, you can find out the current value of your property. Also, the website is easy to use and understand.

They also have a segment that gives you tips and tricks on easy ways of increasing value on your property. That is not all; they provide a separate view on the UK property market and provides you with access to the most recently sold house prices.

Your move
Your move provides a handy valuation tool. It takes the last known selling price and adds a certain percentage depending on the findings. Further, the site is pretty easy to navigate and provides results in a matter of minutes. They also provide you with a comprehensive set of statistics concerning the area surrounding the property. However, there’s a downside; this tool only takes the last known selling price into account, thus undervaluing the property.

Zoopla Home Value Calculator
The Zoopla home value tool is very good at calculating a property’s worth. It takes the last known selling price, effects a considerate increase, adds on the value of any enhancements made on the property, and then answers. Zoopla also has a downside; it has very minimal additional features in comparison to other valuation tools. It also requires one to sign in or create an account with them before viewing any estimate.

Nationwide House Price Index Calculator
The nationwide house price valuation tool is straightforward to use. It can only be compared to Your Move valuator. It only requires the last known selling price. The tool then adds a percentage change onto the last valuation and gives an answer. This tool does not provide a rental value and significantly undervalues any property you may be checking out.

The House Network
This is a countrywide real estate firm that offers an online valuation tool—the tool requests for the postal code, house number, and how many bedrooms the house has. There is a downside, though; The House Network tool tends to overvalue properties. If you look up the value of a particular property across many online tools, this one will provide over-optimistic results. Additionally, it does not give the rental value and other vital statistics of the property’s area

Choosing The Right Property For Your Family Home


Buying a home is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. It is a big purchase, so you should treat it as such. When buying a property, you need to look at potential factors that will determine the quality of your family’s future living situation.

Consider the neighbourhood

The local area is an important factor to consider when buying a home. It is essential to think about how the area you live in will affect your family’s quality of life and safety. While you may not control everything about the neighbourhood, it is essential to know what things are happening with crime rates and other issues. Researching an area that has been deemed safe can help you determine whether or not it is a good idea for you to move there.

Consider the size of the property.

Just because you can afford to buy a home doesn’t mean that one is the best option for you. A tiny house is cost-effective, but it can also be a lot more challenging to maintain. On the other hand, a large property will require more maintenance, but it will provide your family with more space and privacy. It sounds like an obvious choice—but think about what you want from your future property. Think about how big of a kitchen or living room your family needs, and make sure that the size of the property allows for this. It will let your family members socialise in-between activities and spend time together without feeling cramped.

Consider how often you plan to use it.

When deciding on a home, you will consider how often you plan to use it. If you plan to live in the house for the majority of your life, you need to find a home that will be in good condition when you retire. You can click here to read the full article when choosing your new home. However, if you plan to use the property infrequently and spend most of your time traveling or with family and friends, then a smaller property with fewer amenities could work well for your needs.

Consider how much space you will need for your family

There are many factors to consider when buying a home. One of the most critical factors you need to consider is how much space you will need for your family’s future living situation. If you only have one child or plan on having only one or two children, then a smaller home can work well for you. If you plan to have more than two children, it is best to choose a larger house with a good-sized garden. In addition to considering how much space you need, consider your lifestyle as well. If you prefer having more space due to opportunities for exercise and events, then a home with ample outdoor space might be perfect for your needs.

Consider how energy efficient it is.

The energy efficiency of a home should be an important consideration. Energy efficiency doesn't just mean that you'll be spending less on electricity bills, although that's a nice benefit. It also means you'll be reducing your carbon footprint, lowering your local air pollution levels, and saving money on heating costs.

Energy efficiency is significant when considering buying an older property because it will likely have very little insulation if it was built before the 1980s. Older homes are often not well insulated, which increases their heating costs. If you're interested in buying an older property, make sure to check its energy efficiency rating as well as how much heat it would take to keep the building warm during the winter months.

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Living Arrows #14 - The Countdown To Christmas

Can you believe that Christmas is just four days away? We are all so very excited and I bet you are too! We've crammed so many festive activities into the past few weeks, it's been none stop, but we wouldn't have it any other way for the kids. We've watched Christmas movies together, read all our festive books, visited Santa at his Grotto, met elves, took care of donkeys, celebrated Christmas jumper day, had our own Christmas light switch on party, been two not one, but two other Christmas parties and watched Noah in his first ever Nativity play! It's been such a magical time so far, and with Noah finishing school today we have a few more surprises up our sleeves. I hope you all have the most wonderful Christmas.

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Chad Valley Tiny Treasures Doll - Review

I believe in letting toys be toys and both my children have always had access to all kinds of toys, from bricks and cars, through to dolls and cuddly toys. I've always encouraged them to play with whatever they want to, however, Ava loves to play with dolls, whereas Noah opts for action figures. Those are their own preferences and I'm glad that I've had no part to play in those choices.

Although Ava is only 21 months old (I just had to work that out) she already has quite the collection of "babies" but we were more than happy to accept a new baby into our brood when we were offered the opportunity to review one a Chad Valley Tiny Treasure Doll. They are so cute, how could we say no?

We received the Chad Valley Tiny Treasures Doll with Blue Outfit and Hat (boy) for the purpose of this review, but there's also a girl version who wears pink and has blonde straight hair, and a girl with darker skin and curly hair. The doll was presented beautifully in a car seat gift box, which can be reused and used for role play. Ava wanted to unbuckle him and give him a cuddle right away as you can see by the photo's above.

The quality and attention to detail is next to none, he's one of the best dolls I've ever come across. I have a family member who makes the most amazing reborn dolls and he's so similar to them, from the weighted body, floppy limbs, and head, to the individual eyelashes and delicate skin detailing. His skin is so soft and squishy, his eyes close when you lay him down and he even smells like a real baby! 

With the doll, you'll find a removable sleepsuit and hat, a birth certificate and hospital tag, which adds even more realism to play. There's an array of different outfits and accessories that you can buy separately if your child likes to dress their dolls or if you want to change their look. Although this is supposed to be the "boy version" because he's wearing blue, he has no private parts so you could purchase additional clothes and he could be a girl too! 

Ava adores her new baby and seems to be insisting on calling him Baby Shark! (I'll have to convince her otherwise!) Today I've watched her kiss him, nurse him, read a book to him, and brush his hair. She dotes on him like he's a real baby and I know that she'll play with him for years to come. 

Chad Valley Tiny Treasure Dolls are suitable for children from three years of age, retail at £39.99 each and are exclusive to buy from Argos.

- We were sent this product for the purpose of this review, however, all opinions are my own.

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Setting Up the Ideal Study Space for Your Child

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Creating an effective study space for your child can mean the difference between study time being fruitful or futile. Your home is full of potential distractions and after a long day at school, it won’t take a lot for your child’s mind to wander onto other things. To help them get the most out of their homework and revision time, a prep school in London has shared their tips on how to set up an ideal study space.

Wherever you set up your study space, the first job should be to remove any potential distractions. No mobile phones or electronic devices. Full-blown procrastination could only be one notification away, so remove this temptation altogether by getting your child to leave their devices outside of the study space, allowing for full concentration on the task at hand.

Reinforce the work mentality by getting them to sit at a desk or table. A dining room table can often do the trick, keeping them in ‘work mode’, whereas sitting on the sofa encourages them to relax and slack-off. Their own bedroom can often be problematic as there are a lot of distractions within reaching distance. However, if there isn't any other option, or you feel that this is where they are most likely to get peace and quiet, then at least make sure they have a desk so that they don't have to study on their bed. Not only could studying from the bed encourage them to lounge around rather than focus, but it might also create sleep problems as your child will associate their bed with work and study.

Make sure they have all the necessary books and supplies on hand in their study space. If they have a desk, then keep everything organised in the desk drawer or in a storage box underneath. If they're working from the dining room table then have a box or bag with all their equipment ready to go. Getting up to search for a pencil or a certain book can waste a lot of time and allow their focus to stray.

Should I Encourage My Child to Learn an Instrument?

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Learning an instrument at an early age can be a beloved hobby that encourages creativity and freedom of expression. Music is said to be the food of the soul, but studies have shown that children also benefit academically from musical affection. I have teamed up with an independent school in Surrey to bring you some of the reasons you may wish to encourage your child to start learning a musical instrument.

Firstly, learning any new skill requires patience and dedication. We often find with young children that they are distracted easily and move on from certain tasks that they find challenging. Being encouraged to learn something new and most importantly, to stick with it, teaches children perseverance. Learning to be patient and to follow through with tasks we find difficult is an indispensable life skill. The payoff of all the hard work and perseverance is the sense of achievement that comes with mastering an art form. Your child will feel an immense sense of pride as they find themselves grasping their new skill, which will boost their confidence and give them the self-belief that they can tackle any challenge.

Studies have shown that children who regularly practice music benefit from improved understanding in other areas. Children who learn to read music tend to have improved levels of comprehension in reading and literature, and also tend to excel in maths, which could be attributed to their familiarity with recognising patterns. It has also been noted that children who practice music tend to have increased memory skills which can benefit them in a multitude of academic subjects.

Practicing an instrument is also a great way to teach your child responsibility. Not only will it be down to them to practice regularly, they will also have to invest time into the upkeep of their instrument, whether that be oiling their trumpet or tuning their guitar. They will learn that their instrument is valuable and needs to be looked after. For reviews and advice on the best guitars to buy for children, check out Music Critic’s guide here

Living Arrows #13 - It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

It feels like it was only last week when we were celebrating Noah's 5th Birthday and hosting his party and now we are on the countdown to Christmas! In fact, there's only 14 sleeps to go! Every year Noah seems to become more and more excited, he almost can't contain himself this year! Ava, on the other hand, doesn't understand what's happening yet being so young. However, that doesn't mean that she doesn't like to get involved with the festivities, and by festivities I mean, that she guts the Christmas tree every single day without fail and the chocolates on the tree? Gone in two days! It's all fun and games though because they are both in their element and that's what Christmas is all about.

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How Is A Medical Negligence Claim Valued?

The value of a medical negligence claim can vary significantly, from thousands of pounds for relatively minor issues, up to millions of pounds for claims involving the most serious injuries, such as cerebral palsy and traumatic brain injuries. The exact value of a claim will depend on various factors, including:

* How serious the injuries suffered due the negligence were.
* The impact these injuries have had on the injured person’s life.
* What level of legal responsibility the healthcare provider in question is found to have.

The actual amount of compensation you receive will also tend to rely significantly on the skills and experience of the legal team representing you. A key factor will be how accurately your lawyers are able to assess the value of your claim and how effectively they are able to represent you during out-of-court settlement negotiations and/or during court proceedings.

What can you claim compensation for?
Generally, the compensation you can receive for a successful medical negligence claim can be divided into two main types of damages – special damages and general damages.

Special damages
These cover specific expenses and losses you have incurred due to the impact of the medical negligence. Examples of the kinds of things you can claim special damages for include:
* Medical treatment fees.
* Fees for rehabilitation, recovery and support treatments, including physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and speech & language therapy.
* Lost income due to having to give up work, reduce your hours or take on lower paid work.
* Travel costs.
* Funeral expenses (in the case of fatal medical negligence claims.)
* Alternative accommodation.
* Prosthetics.

General damages
This is compensation for the non-financial impact or your injury. Non-financial issues you may be able to claim compensation for include:
* Pain and suffering.
* Loss of amenity.
* Reduced quality of life e.g: 
Damage to or loss of your eyesight, hearing or other senses, having to give up a favourite hobby or other activity and loss of independence.

Find out how much your medical negligence claim could be worth
Because the exact value of a medical negligence claims depends on so many different factors, providing a valuation for a specific claim can be complicated. It is therefore strongly recommended to consult a legal team with extensive specialist experience dealing with these claims so you can get an accurate indication of your claim’s potential value.

IBB Claims’ medical negligence lawyers have handled straightforward claims to complex and contentious claims for many years, achieving significant compensation for a wide range of clients. This experience means the team at IBB Claims can quickly provide a realistic idea of how much compensation you may be entitled to for all types of medical negligence claims. For a reliable, highly accurate estimate of your claim’s likely value, please go to

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Babyblooms Personalised Bertie Bear & Christmas Stocking - Giveaway

This time last year we were sent the most beautiful gift to review, they were the personalised Bertie Bear and Christmas stocking set from Babyblooms, and you can read that review here. I was blown away when they arrived because the quality was out of this world, they were simply beautiful. I knew that they'd become a new tradition for the kids and that we'd bring them out every Christmas going forward. 365 days later and we love them just as much, if not more. The stockings were hung and the teddies were cuddled before we'd even started decorating the tree! 

The Personalised Bertie Bear & Christmas Stocking set is packaged in a beautiful gift box, which screams luxury before you've even opened it to see what's inside. The Christmas stockings come in three different colours, red, blue and pink and are handmade from a luxurious velvet fabric. These can be embroidered with a name (up to ten letters) of your choice and are the perfect size for little ones. With the stocking comes a beautiful little bear named Bertie. He wears an embossed white ribbon bow around his neck with a knitted jumper in the same colour as the stocking and with the same personalisation. He's so soft that even the biggest Scrooge wouldn't be able to resist a cuddle or two.

The personalised Bertie Bear and Christmas Stocking set costs £50.00 and is worth every single penny. It's such amazing quality and would make the most thoughtful gift for Christmas. How would you like to win a personalised Bertie Bear and Christmas Stocking set in your choice of colour and with the your name of choice? To enter all you need to do is use the Gleam form below. Good luck and don't forget to enter my other competitions.

Bertie Bear & Personalised Christmas Stocking worth £50.00

Terms & Conditions.         
1. There will be 1 winner who win the prize mentioned above.
2. Winners details sent to the PR to arrange the prize. 
3. Competition ends 17/12/18.
4. Incomplete entries with be disqualified.
5. UK entries only

Christmas Gift Guide - For Toddler & Baby

Last week, I published three gift guides, one for women, one for men, and one for children, all of which are with lots of different suggestions when it comes to gift giving this Christmas. My fourth and final gift guide of the year is for the little ones in our lives, our babies and toddlers. It contains everything from fun toys and puzzles, through to useful bibs and nappies. Enjoy!

Hape Tea Set for Two - £17.99 This set has everything kids need for teatime role-play fun. Children can put the wooden teabag into the teapot and imagine brewing up the perfect cuppa. The 2 cups and saucers help children to learn about sharing, while the tray, milk jug, and sugar bowl add to the role-play exploration. With pretty patterns and rounded designs, this wooden tea set if perfect for little hands and the high-quality wood makes this set a beautiful gift, durable enough to withstand years of play. Hape 101 Wonderful Beech Blocks - £12.99 This box of bricks is full of wooden cubes, cylinders, stacking arches to build bridges and balancing triangular blocks to create soaring rooftops. When children play with the Hape 101-Piece Wonderful Beech Blocks set, they can express their creativity, learn to recognise shapes and colours, and build a wooden world for their other toys to play in. Stacking and building help children to develop fine motor skills including dexterity, balance, hand-eye coordination and put and take skills and would make a great gift for Christmas. Both of these Hape sets suitable for children from 3 years of age are available to buy at Smyths.

New Sprouts Fresh Fruit Salad Set - £22.00
Suitable from 18 months old this Fresh Fruit Salad set from Learning Resources is bound to appeal to most youngsters. Not only is it a great role play toy it's also a fantastic way to encourage youngsters to use their imagination, vocabulary, coordination, and social skills. In the set, you'll find a watermelon serving bowl and spoon, two small bowls, three berry clusters, three strawberries, three slices of kiwi, and two pineapple rings. This is already wrapped up ready for Ava for Christmas!

Jungle Heads and Tails Game - £7.75
Orchard Toys are the best of the best when it comes to children's games and they cater for so many age ranges. The Jungle Heads and Tails game makes a perfect first game for little ones as it's suitable from 18 months. Not only is it fun, but it's designed to develop matching, memory and observation skills.

Vtech Teletubbies My 1st Tablet - £21.99
Youngsters can learn phonics, numbers, music and more with Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa, and Po. The Vtech Teletubbies My 1st Tablet features 8 pretend apps which include a variety of fun learning activities and lots of songs and melodies. Suitable from 6 months old and a must-have for all Teletubbies fans. The Christmas Extravaganza Hotel - £10.99
Bear is ready for a calm, cosy Christmas. Frog is ready for a "tinsel-tastic" Christmas at the Extravaganza Hotel! Neither is ready for what happens next! I think books make great Christmas gifts for children and this 32-page story from Little Tiger Press is bound to be a favourite for children of most ages.

My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Illumi-Mate - £7.99

My Little Pony favourite Rainbow Dash is another fantastic colouring changing light from Spearmark. Powered by batteries they give off just thr right amount of light and change colour too. Just like the rest of the night lights in the range, it's portable and just the right size for children. With so many characters to collect these lights would make a fabulous little stocking filler this Christmas.

Evie Rag Doll
- £22.00
Babyblooms Evie rag doll makes a very special gift for any occasion as she brings with her the promise of a world full of imagination, fun and adventure. Traditionally designed with soft cotton clothing she makes the perfect first doll and favourite playtime friend. Beautifully packaged in one of our exclusive, illustrated gift boxes this is a wonderful gift for a new baby, toddler or child and makes a beautiful keepsake.

Kit & Kin Products - from £2.50
Kit & Kin, the award-winning eco-friendly mother & baby brand co-founded by Emma Bunton, offers an amazing range of natural skin care products and the cutest sustainable nappies. The ideal gifts for any new or expectant mothers! Kit & Kin skincare is certified natural by the COSMOS association, is hypoallergenic, and approved by dermatologists. Nappies might not seem like the most glamorous of gifts but these cute animal prints beg to differ! Not with the designs make you ‘cooo’, but more importantly, the nappy has been developed using sustainably sourced ingredients so you can rest assured you’re doing your bit to help the take care of the planet.

Bibetta Weaning Pack - £26.99
The new Bibetta Weaning set is perfect for little ones at any stage through their weaning journey. Easy to clean both in the washing machine and by hand, Bibetta Weaning Products are made from soft, stretchy neoprene making the bibs comfortable to wear, and 100% waterproof. Neoprene is a very durable fabric and we are confident that these products will last you for a long time to come! It contains a coordinating UltraBib, UltraBib with Sleeves and Placemat with pocket. Buying as a pack saves 20% against buying items individually.

aden + anais Mickey's 90th Dream Blanket - £59.95
aden + anais is celebrating the 90th anniversary of Mickey, the true original, with its first-ever metallic Disney collection featuring iconic artwork of the world’s most lovable mouse through the years. Made with four layers of 100% cotton muslin, this metallic dream blanket ensures playtime, cuddle time and bedtime are nothing less than dreamy. The generously-sized blanket is perfect for both newborns and toddlers. This metallic dream blanket is machine washable, but the precious fabric requires specific care instructions, so be sure to follow them carefully.
Emily Red Classic Shoes - £16.99 The Emily T-bar first occasion pram shoes have been crafted with premium quality soft leather and a slip-resistant rubber sole allowing your toddler to explore their environment with confidence. They are super soft and allow feet to move and develop as nature intended while providing protection for delicate feet. These pretty red leather shoes are perfect for Christmas parties, weddings, christenings or any special occasion. They have a soft leather insole and a cushioned ankle trim for added support. The single Velcro fastening means they are easy to get on wriggly feet. Shimmy Shoes come delivered in a lovely shoe box and make a perfect gift.
Johnson's Sleep Tight Gift Set - £11.99 How about giving the gift of sleep to an exhausted parent this year? Of course, it's not a given but this Johnsons Sleep Tight Gift Set contains everything you need to start establishing a relaxing night time routine. Included is a selection of Johnsons products, a book and a pair of cosy socks.
Would you consider any of these gifts for Christmas?

- We were sent these products for the purpose of this gift guide, however, all opinions are my own.

Making Sure The Whole Family Enjoys The Holiday (Not Just The Kids)

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When we are trying to pick the perfect holiday destination, we might think about what the kids want. While the onus is on us to provide a family holiday that the children will truly enjoy, we can neglect our own needs. And when you're busy packing the holiday essentials, you may very well think about everyone else apart from yourself. Part of the ideal family holiday is about making it a joyous occasion for all. So what can we do to ensure that we pick the right destination that pleases everyone, not just the children?

Pick The Right Destination 
It might sound obvious, but picking the right destination can be one of the most like the parts. You have got to think about how long your children can handle being in a plane, as well as the things to do when you get there. When you are choosing the right destination, you may want to start thinking about the places that provide a wide variety of options. Because we can tend to choose the more popular destinations, such as Disneyworld, we know that the children will be happy, but we can spend a lot of our time twiddling our thumbs in this situation. Think about what you want to do, and if there's a place that can encompass numerous day trips. Somewhere like Italy gives you the opportunity to go on an experience like the Foodie's Delight tour, but can also give you the chance to take in a few water parks as well! 

You Need Something For You
We can spend a lot of time prioritising the children that when we come back from holiday, that we won't feel we had a proper break. Scheduling in time for you and your partner is vital, but you may want to think about getting something booked that is just for you. Even if this is a spa session, having that small opportunity to unwind can make you enjoy the holiday so much more. Finding something for you to enjoy can be about getting away for a couple of hours, or it can be about using babysitting services or kids clubs. We can certainly feel guilty about using these facilities, and in fact, they can eat us up inside because we should be spending proper family time, but because family holidays are about spending time together and apart, you've got to remember that you need something for you and you alone.

Keep The Children Occupied
Keeping the children occupied is partly to do with the kids’ clubs, but it can also be about having the opportunity to do separate things. We have to remember that if the children are old enough, that we can trust them. But with younger children, this isn't so easy. If you want to keep the children occupied you may want to think about doubling up. Having another family with you can help everybody to share the duties, giving everybody some adequate downtime. Keeping the children occupied is easier because there are more parents but this also means that in the evenings, you can enjoy quiet time as a foursome.

Swap Lie-Ins With Your Partner!
If you want to enjoy the holiday, you might want to think about splitting up the duties with your partner. One of the simple things you can do is trade lie-ins. One partner gets up one morning with the kids, and you swap like this until everybody's feeling refreshed. Trading those lie-ins can seem a little counterproductive, especially if you are going on holiday as a family, but it's all about making sure that everybody has proper rest and relaxation. This is something that we can forget about. Many people feel that they need to cram as much into the calendar as possible in order to enjoy themselves. But by taking our opportunity to have lie-ins where you can, you will feel better for it and you can be a better parent.

While we may think that as long as our kids enjoy the holiday we will be happy, but we still need some time for ourselves. Part of it is about creating as many memories as possible, but when you are all on holiday together, you will be spending a lot of time in each other's company. This means that a holiday isn't just about getting away from your normal life but it's about getting away from yourself for a bit. A great holiday can educate, entertain, and inspire, but it can also bring a family together. If you want to make sure that the whole family can enjoy, think about what you'd like to get out of it as well.