Should I Encourage My Child to Learn an Instrument?

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Learning an instrument at an early age can be a beloved hobby that encourages creativity and freedom of expression. Music is said to be the food of the soul, but studies have shown that children also benefit academically from musical affection. I have teamed up with an independent school in Surrey to bring you some of the reasons you may wish to encourage your child to start learning a musical instrument.

Firstly, learning any new skill requires patience and dedication. We often find with young children that they are distracted easily and move on from certain tasks that they find challenging. Being encouraged to learn something new and most importantly, to stick with it, teaches children perseverance. Learning to be patient and to follow through with tasks we find difficult is an indispensable life skill. The payoff of all the hard work and perseverance is the sense of achievement that comes with mastering an art form. Your child will feel an immense sense of pride as they find themselves grasping their new skill, which will boost their confidence and give them the self-belief that they can tackle any challenge.

Studies have shown that children who regularly practice music benefit from improved understanding in other areas. Children who learn to read music tend to have improved levels of comprehension in reading and literature, and also tend to excel in maths, which could be attributed to their familiarity with recognising patterns. It has also been noted that children who practice music tend to have increased memory skills which can benefit them in a multitude of academic subjects.

Practicing an instrument is also a great way to teach your child responsibility. Not only will it be down to them to practice regularly, they will also have to invest time into the upkeep of their instrument, whether that be oiling their trumpet or tuning their guitar. They will learn that their instrument is valuable and needs to be looked after. For reviews and advice on the best guitars to buy for children, check out Music Critic’s guide here

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