Chad Valley Tiny Treasures Doll - Review

I believe in letting toys be toys and both my children have always had access to all kinds of toys, from bricks and cars, through to dolls and cuddly toys. I've always encouraged them to play with whatever they want to, however, Ava loves to play with dolls, whereas Noah opts for action figures. Those are their own preferences and I'm glad that I've had no part to play in those choices.

Although Ava is only 21 months old (I just had to work that out) she already has quite the collection of "babies" but we were more than happy to accept a new baby into our brood when we were offered the opportunity to review one a Chad Valley Tiny Treasure Doll. They are so cute, how could we say no?

We received the Chad Valley Tiny Treasures Doll with Blue Outfit and Hat (boy) for the purpose of this review, but there's also a girl version who wears pink and has blonde straight hair, and a girl with darker skin and curly hair. The doll was presented beautifully in a car seat gift box, which can be reused and used for role play. Ava wanted to unbuckle him and give him a cuddle right away as you can see by the photo's above.

The quality and attention to detail is next to none, he's one of the best dolls I've ever come across. I have a family member who makes the most amazing reborn dolls and he's so similar to them, from the weighted body, floppy limbs, and head, to the individual eyelashes and delicate skin detailing. His skin is so soft and squishy, his eyes close when you lay him down and he even smells like a real baby! 

With the doll, you'll find a removable sleepsuit and hat, a birth certificate and hospital tag, which adds even more realism to play. There's an array of different outfits and accessories that you can buy separately if your child likes to dress their dolls or if you want to change their look. Although this is supposed to be the "boy version" because he's wearing blue, he has no private parts so you could purchase additional clothes and he could be a girl too! 

Ava adores her new baby and seems to be insisting on calling him Baby Shark! (I'll have to convince her otherwise!) Today I've watched her kiss him, nurse him, read a book to him, and brush his hair. She dotes on him like he's a real baby and I know that she'll play with him for years to come. 

Chad Valley Tiny Treasure Dolls are suitable for children from three years of age, retail at £39.99 each and are exclusive to buy from Argos.

- We were sent this product for the purpose of this review, however, all opinions are my own.


  1. Very sweet my daughter just used to strip hers and leave them laying around lol

  2. Aw, my daughter loved dolls when she was little, love the attention to detail with this one.

  3. Oh wow you are right with attention to detail and just how cute is the little wrist tag!

  4. my 8 year old occasionally still plays with her dolls from when she was younger although its normally my 3 year old who makes her play with them

  5. My daughter would have loved this

  6. Lovely looking doll.

    Rachel Craig

  7. Aww great photos Ava's smile sells it xxx

  8. ava deffo seems to love the tiny tears doll

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