A Review Of Online Valuation Tools

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Online property valuation has been on the rise since many people opt for this option for many reasons. Homeowners who are looking to market their houses are using online property valuation tools. The tools help them to find out the selling price of the property. Online valuation tools are also faster in delivering price quotations than the traditional means of using a real estate agent. This is a good starting point before looking into other services that you need - like what conveyancing solicitors in Stockport have to offer.

When it comes to online valuation tools all you have to do is enter a few details about your property on the website. Such details include: 

• The physical address of the property. 
• Number of bedrooms. 
• How old is the structure.
And you will receive a quotation that is very detailed in a few moments. Here are some merits and demerits of using online valuation tools. 

• They are a great reference tool- the online valuation tools can be used even by buyers. The buyers can view the market price of a particular property in a given area. They will also be able to compare the prices and decide based on their budget or other factors. 
• They give you a good starting point- once you know how much your property is worth; it provides you with an idea of how much you will sell. This is convenient because you will not need to contact anyone to get a rough idea of your property’s worth. 
• It’s a lot cheaper- having to bring someone over to estimate how much your property is worth can be expensive. Thus, when determining if the value is appreciating or otherwise, using an online valuation tool is pretty cheap. 
• They are trustworthy- most of the online valuation tools provide you with very detailed information. They tell you how many people have used the system, and they’ll even show you their client reviews. Additionally, they provide the criteria they used to come up with the price of the property. 

• Each tool may produce a different value- the websites with these valuation tools are all designed by different professionals. This means that each device will generate a contrasting value based on the algorithms they use.

UK Property Price Advice tool
If you are looking for a free and useful valuation tool, then this is the one. Using this website, you can find out the current value of your property. Also, the website is easy to use and understand.

They also have a segment that gives you tips and tricks on easy ways of increasing value on your property. That is not all; they provide a separate view on the UK property market and provides you with access to the most recently sold house prices.

Your move
Your move provides a handy valuation tool. It takes the last known selling price and adds a certain percentage depending on the findings. Further, the site is pretty easy to navigate and provides results in a matter of minutes. They also provide you with a comprehensive set of statistics concerning the area surrounding the property. However, there’s a downside; this tool only takes the last known selling price into account, thus undervaluing the property.

Zoopla Home Value Calculator
The Zoopla home value tool is very good at calculating a property’s worth. It takes the last known selling price, effects a considerate increase, adds on the value of any enhancements made on the property, and then answers. Zoopla also has a downside; it has very minimal additional features in comparison to other valuation tools. It also requires one to sign in or create an account with them before viewing any estimate.

Nationwide House Price Index Calculator
The nationwide house price valuation tool is straightforward to use. It can only be compared to Your Move valuator. It only requires the last known selling price. The tool then adds a percentage change onto the last valuation and gives an answer. This tool does not provide a rental value and significantly undervalues any property you may be checking out.

The House Network
This is a countrywide real estate firm that offers an online valuation tool—the tool requests for the postal code, house number, and how many bedrooms the house has. There is a downside, though; The House Network tool tends to overvalue properties. If you look up the value of a particular property across many online tools, this one will provide over-optimistic results. Additionally, it does not give the rental value and other vital statistics of the property’s area

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