Project 365 - Week 34

21st August- 27th August








Another emotional roller coaster of a week. The week started lovely with a family afternoon out on the Sunday. Then on Monday my friend Cassie who blogs over at Lily's Little Learners visited for the afternoon. It was lovely to see our little ones play so nicely together, even though there is a year difference. They both shared and were both very loving to one another, there was lots of hand holding and big smooches. Wednesday I took Noah up to his Nan's for the afternoon so he could play with his older cousins who are off for the Summer holidays. Thursday was the day I was dreading, it was my Nanna's funeral. The service was simple and as nice as a funeral can possibly be but my heart broke. A mixture of grief, regret and many tears. I feel better now that she's at rest and we've said our goodbyes but it still doesn't feel real. Friday and Saturday was spent shopping and with family as the weather had taken a turn come the weekend. Here's to next week.

What have you been up to this week?


  1. Funerals are always hard. Sorry you lost your grandmother.
    This last week I went shopping for school uniform and stationery. Went to see Horrible Histories in London and tidied up our front hedge.

  2. Sorry to hear about your Nanna.

    We had quite a quiet week but the week ended with a lovely long weekend at our caravan on the south coast, it was beautiful weather and we spent our time on the beach.

    Kirsty Fox

  3. So sad when loved ones depart but memories last a lifetime

  4. Sorry about your nana.

    Lovely hats

  5. Sorry about your nana.

    Lovely hats