Our Bing Themed Halloween Party

STUDIOCANAL are pleased to announce that the final volume in Season One of the popular Cbeebies show Bing has now come to DVD, releasing as Show… And Other Episodes. To celebrate the new release I'm currently running a competition to give away three copies which you can enter here. Make sure to enter quick as the competition ends on the 9th November! The celebrations didn't end there for us as we were recently sent a hamper full of Bing themed Halloween goodies to host our very own Halloween party!

A Halloween party isn't complete without a pumpkin or two so the first step on our agenda was to carve our first pumpkin. To fit in with the theme we decided to carve a Bing Bunny pumpkin which was pretty easy to do actually. I simply drew around a stencil with permanent marker and then cut off the top of the pumpkin with a knife. This is where Noah stepped in and he helped dig out all the pumpkins skin and seeds, he did such a good job. As he was doing this he was shouting "yack!" but he really enjoyed none the less! 

Next up it was time to decorate the cake which was also provided in our Bing themed hamper cause of course Bing loves carrot cake! Again Noah did such a good job and decorated the cake all by himself with little sugar bats, skulls, pumpkins and witches. We then coloured in some of the craft pumpkins which we were also sent, which was lots of fun too! 

To help wash down the carrot cake we then knocked up what I'd imagine is another of Bing's favourites, carrot and orange juice! Carrot cake and carrot juice compliment one another pretty well, believe it or not and Noah just like Bing was also a fan!

We then took the rest of our carrot cake and carrot juice and curled up on the sofa to watch our new Bing DVD, Show.. and other episodes! We had such a great night and Noah hasn't stopped talking about it since! 

Do you have a Bing Bunny fan in your house too?


  1. I do
    My nephew loves bing
    Great when i want 5 minutes to myself

  2. Wow, that pumpkin looks great, good job you guys! :D

  3. First I came across Bing was when I was using computer at the local library. I could hear librarian chatting to a little boy, he had returned some books then been assisted by his mum to choose another selection of books. He was being independent and went to counter himself, the librarian was having a nice chat with him :- Asking him what were his favourite books, he said Bing. She asked what kind of animal was Bing. He proudly told her a rabbit. It was nice to hear some of the interaction. Wonderful that librarian very encouraging of little ones reading etc.

    Bing Themed Halloween Party sounds Wonderful, thanks for the inspiration. Bing is a character little ones have come to know nd love.

    Rachel Craig

    1. My girls love bing, so they would enjoy a bing themed Halloween party, Noah looks like he's having fun preparing it all xXx