TTC Diary - Trying for baby #2

After having my 12 week scan and announcing my pregnancy this week I thought it was time to publish this post that has been sitting in my drafts for the past two months. It's all about our TTC journey which again was quite brief, we've been fortunate.


Up until a few months ago I didn't feel ready for another baby for various reasons and I felt like I wanted to enjoy Noah on his own for a while longer. This all changed when we headed into the new year and Nick and I started discussing the possibility of baby number two. Fast forward a few months and we are ready, excited and nervous but totally ready! Here I will write all about our trying to conceive journey, the up's and the down's and will probably publish once I've announced a pregnancy, whenever that may be. 

As I type this it's a Saturday afternoon, I'm in my fertile window and we are on our first month of trying. I don't think I have ovulated just yet as I haven't felt that sharp sensation that I usually get but I'm thinking it will be either today or tomorrow. That being said I know how TTC works and have been doing the same as we did the last time, without getting into any gory details! We conceived Noah in our first month of trying, I wonder if we will be that lucky this time around?


It's Thursday afternoon and I thought I'd better check in and write how I've been feeling whilst it's still fresh in my head. When I fell pregnant with Noah I felt symptoms literally almost straight away, sore boobs, sensitive mood wise, exhaustion, nausea, vivid dreams. I knew I was pregnant as I couldn't ignore all the signs as there was so many! I'm feeling the exact same this time around, so much so it's like deja vu but what's different this time around is that I'm doubting myself because how can we be fortunate enough to get pregnant twice both in the first month of trying? What would be the chances of that? I'm no longer in my fertile window so all we can do now is wait. I've already started testing in the morning although I know it's way too soon, just like I did last time around. I'm not entirely sure when I ovulated this time so I will be testing all next week and hoping for those two red lines.

I write this on a Tuesday afternoon and for the past couple of days I've been testing with some early tests I bought off the internet. So far I've not even had the slightest of a red line but I'm not fretting yet as I'm only around 10dpo. I still think I'm pregnant as I have so many signs; nausea, exhaustion, insomnia, heightened sense of smell, emotional, mood swings, sore boobs and vivid dreams. I have found myself doubting myself this time around though as I previously mentioned but I can't ignore what my body is telling me. Surely I can't be having all these symptoms and not be pregnant? 

It's Wednesday and I tested this morning and I saw a faint line! I can't believe it and I don't want to get my hopes up until I get a clear blue test to confirm it but I just "feel" pregnant too so fingers crossed!


So yesterday evening I caved and went to the shop the pick up some Clear Blue pregnancy tests. I did this while Nick and Noah were with me but I sent them to the toy isle so I could make my purchase in secret. I'd intended to take the test on Friday as I knew that was the day or my missed period and it's also Nick's 30th birthday but the temptation of having the tests in my bag was too much! Once I got home I took a test and it confirmed that I am indeed pregnant! As soon as I saw it on the Clear Blue test there was noway I could wait another two days to tell him so I ran downstairs and said I had a early birthday present for him! I gave him the test and said "I'm pregnant!" He hugged me and was at a loss for words! He couldn't believe we were fortunate enough to fall pregnant the first month of trying again and also said it was amazing that I just knew again, straight away!
I still can't believe it, it still doesn't feel real. I suppose it won't fully until I have the 12 week scan which I'm already looking forward to so much!

On that note I suppose our TTC has come to an end, already! I'm going to start writing my pregnancy posts but of course won't publish any of these until I have announced! So here we go, pregnancy number two!


  1. Wow how lucky you are! You must be so fertile haha! xx

  2. Congratulations! I said I would be happy with just two but ended up with 6! May your pregnancy go well with maybe more to come hee hee!

  3. How exciting !! Huge congratulations x

  4. Fabulous
    Congratulations to you all

  5. Congratulations. A very brief diary

  6. Congratulations, it brought back all the memories and feelings of excitement of taking pregnancy tests!

    Kirsty Fox

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