Why Does Bad Luck Come In Three's?

Why does bad luck come in three's? 

We've all heard or said the phrase at least once in our lives. It's just that though, a saying but that being said when something unfortunate happens it does tend to have a snowball effect and a series of unfortunate events tend to happen. Well for me anyway. I could tell you half a dozen different scenario's where this has happened for me and my family.

It all started one morning. It was around 7:30am and I'd barely even opened my eyes yet. I'd woken not just to the sound of my toddler calling for me but by a text from my partner saying the car had broke down. For me when a day starts like this I know it's just only going to get worse.

I have no idea what was wrong with the car to be honest because car speak goes through one ear and out the other but I did know it needed to go to the garage and we couldn't use it until it was fixed. A major inconvenience for a family who do rely on their car a lot. 

I then went downstairs to make a cup of tea and my son some breakfast. As I filled up the kettle I noticed a big puddle of water leaking from my washing machine. I remember stood in the kitchen and wondering whatever next?! Can my morning get any worse?

I decided to ignore the washing machine whilst my son and I ate breakfast together and then I heard a faint cry from my back yard. Straight away I knew it was one of our cats. I opened the door and in came our cat Teddy limping on his back leg. He was feeling very sorry for himself and wouldn't let me near him so I knew a trip to the vet was on the cards.

So there you have it, I really do think my bad luck comes in three's. Our car was in the garage, our washing machine was broken and our cat needed to take a trip to the vets and I didn't have a clue how we were going to be able to afford the three. We managed it just about but I know others wouldn't have been able to and that's where Vivus come in. They are a short term loan service which allow you to pay back just small amounts once your wage comes through. Of course these services aren't for everyone but it's certainly something I would have considered if we hadn't of had some back up funds on hand.

Have you had a day full of unfortunate events? What would you do in a situation like this? 

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  1. Many days like this
    I just let it be and try and forget
    Things can only get better

  2. I as many others have heard of the saying. I wonder if we count to three, then tell ourselves :- Thank Goodness that is over. By what timespan the three happened in varies. If my washing machine was leaking I couldn't ignore it, as would not want water to travel :- possibly to neighbour's flat. That is one reason I wish there were top loading automatic washing machines in local shops. I believe America has top loader Automatic washing machines.

    Also I would hope that partner would not disturb me about a break down if he could deal with it himself, or with assistance form other / s and no need for up to change present plans. As what can I do for him with no knowledge of mechanics. Have Health Condition, as well as Carer for others.

    I remember the old saying " Never a Borrower or a Lender Be". I have always tried to live within my means / income even when that led to putting off heating and reducing diet. As I was brought up to consider and look out for others I have leant money on occasions. Though if the borrower did not pay me back, then I would never lend to them again.

    I have had spells of a few electic items breaking down within a short time. Actually had that recently with two touch lamps. Luckily the third one worked and is continuing to do so meantime. I have had them for some time, so no too concerned. Will not be replacing the lamps meantime.

    Good that there is a way of getting a small amount of cash for a short time if desperately needed. Hopefully at little to no interest. As Economic Difficulties for many people presently. People suffering Fuel Poverty, attending Food Banks, concerned how Brexit will impact upon them and their families etc,etc.

    Rachel Craig

  3. I often feel that my bad luck comes in 3's too & I'm quite relieved when number 3 rears it's head!

  4. I prefer to use the saying it doesn't rain it pours in these scenarios, when we moved into our last home our fridge freezer, tumble dryer and microwave all broke, as if moving and decorating isn't expensive enough anyway xXx