Baby Apps To Download To Support New Moms

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New moms need all the help that they can get with caring for their babies and making being a new mom worthwhile. The world is such a better place for new moms, thanks to technology and the innovations that keep popping out every day. Without technology, moms will have to struggle with the most basic baby care routines. But that's all in the past now. In the world of today, mobile apps play a very integral role in helping users become more efficient, even as a new mom. In this article, we are going to highlight some of the best baby apps to support new moms from feeding schedules to providing their babies with some entertainment.

The Night Feed app
The Night Feed app is the brainchild of blogger Ruth Crilly, who has also passed through the stages of being a new mom. The name of the app is self-explanatory. It helps new moms fight sleep deprivation. As a new mom, one of the issues that you will struggle with is staying up in the middle of the night all by yourself tending to your little one. The app is every new mom’s companion. It features talks from pediatricians, tips from experts, Q&As with midwives, and so on. Also, the app comes with a feeding tracker feature.

Easy Recorder
Are you looking to record and save voice notes that will help you remember your baby’s first words and progress? Then it is recommended to have a voice recording app. Easy Recorder is such an app that is commonly used for voiceovers but due to its versatility, it can also be used to recording newborns making their first sounds. It is a magnificent thing to capture your baby's first words, a milestone that you can keep saved and remembered forever, thanks to such applications. Additionally, if part of your job is to record voiceovers, then the Easy Recorder app is a wonderful tool to assist you to continue your business projects while you are taking care of your baby. Additionally, you can record demos that you can send to potential clients to demonstrate your voice skills. If you're looking for a new portal to showcase your voiceover services to clients then check the agencies on

The Wonder Weeks app
In the past, moms did not have the luxury of knowing what to expect during the development stages of their babies, but that has changed. The Wonder Weeks app allows mothers to keep track and monitor their baby's all-round development. The app provides a weekly update of what to expect with more than 500 videos.

This is the app that lets you connect with new moms like yourself. Peanut was designed to act as a kind of ‘Tinder for new moms’ as it is fondly called. It is a fun app that allows you to view the profiles of other new moms nearby. There is a community discussion page, the Peanut Pages, where you can ask for tips and advice from moms in the community.

Baby Spark app
This is a fantastic app that provides daily activity tips designed for the baby throughout his growth stages to assist cognitive, motor, speech, and social-emotional development. This is a great app to help parents guide their babies through the phases of development by anticipating the next step. It also has a feature that allows moms to document every developmental stage.

Baby Feeding app
Every new mom must have a baby feeding app. This is your best bet to create order in your life as a new mom, especially when it comes to feeding your baby. This app has been recommended by the midwives association of the NHS, and it has proven to be helpful for many moms. The app tracks your newborn's feeding schedule whether you exclusively breastfeed or bottle-feed.

The log feature is used to record the duration of your baby's feeding, and it also serves as a reminder for the next feeding. You do not need to wait till your baby starts screaming for food when you can install this helpful app on your mobile device.

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