Our plans for Valentines Day

Nick and I have never been one's to go all out when it comes to Valentines Day. We don't buy into the extravagant gifts and huge gestures as we think that's not what the day is about. It's all about the little things, a day to really appreciate one another, to reminisce and just to just enjoy one another's company.

Being parents to a young child makes it difficult to find the time or energy to do things just as a couple. Come Valentines Day we have decided that we need to have an evening of being Nick and Jen, a couple and not just Mummy and Daddy.

Movie night
We recently upgraded our TV by buying a 4K TV. We are yet to christen it by watching a movie so we are thinking of buying a couple of films to watch on Valentines Day. I'm voting for Dirty Dancing but Nick keeps suggesting Die Hard, I think it should be ladies choice right?! 

A hike 
Okay so this might sound like the most un-romantic thing you could ever think of but Nick and I are on a health and fitness kick and love going on long hikes together, usually with Noah in tow. I think it would be nice to go for a walk together, do a bit of exercise ready for our cheeky meal out. 

Meal out
As I said above we are on a little bit of a health kick this year and I am currently following Slimming World. I've already planned ahead and agreed that come Valentines Day I'm going to have a cheat meal, a bottle of wine and a few choccies! I've lost 8lb so far this year so I think I deserve a little treat, especially on the big day!

Have you made any plans for Valentines Day? If so I would love to know what you are up to! 

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  1. On valentines day we have a nice meal with or without family.last year my hubby Andy made a meal for me our youngest daughter Eden our eldest daughter Kaylee and ours sons girlfriend beth as both their partners were at work. He made starters mains and desserts for us all which was so lovely if him.xxx

  2. Our plans will consist of a takeaway and a movie. Oh how times have changed! x

  3. Those sound like some great ideas, we are actually going out as our son bought us tickets to Katherine Ryan for our christmas present, but normally we just do cards

  4. Dirty dancing is def the best choice 😀

  5. Dirty dancing is def the best choice 😀

  6. I couldn't agree more, we don't go all out, instead of one day a year we try to appreciate each other all year, with three children we don't often get to go out and be a couple, we are always mum and dad, but wouldnt have it any other way xxx