Slimming World - Magic Pancakes

I recently jumped on the Slimming World bandwagon and so far, so good. I've just begun my fourth week and I have lost a total of 8lb. That sounds good but it's not really as I lost a whooping 7lb in my first week, maintained on my second and lost just a single lb on my third. It's my fault for my slow loss in the previous two weeks because as soon as it gets to the weekend I seem to fall off plan and sabotage myself. I don't necessarily pig out but I eat what I shouldn't, eat way too many syns and don't count them either. This weekend it is all change. No cheating this weekend!  

Slimming World is fantastic and it really is not a diet. It's a lifestyle change. I am really enjoying cooking fresh, healthy and balanced foods. We are saving a lot of money and as I cook every day now I feel like I am becoming a lot more confident in the kitchen.

One of my favourite treats have got to be pancakes. Smothered in nutella, stuffed with chopped banana and sprinkled with sugar. When I discovered there was a Slimming World alternative that was just as good, if not better! I had to try it myself. 

Magic Pancakes-

35g porridge oats (hexB)
Muller Light
2 Eggs

Measure out 35g of oats into a bowl 
Pour in any flavour Muller light (I like toffee or banana and custard)
Beat in two eggs (Or more if you prefer) 
Add a generous helping of sweetner and mix it all up 
Heat your frying pan and spray with fry light
Pour pancake mix into pan, make them as big or as small as you like 
Cook on med/high for a few minutes

These pancakes are totally syn free and you can keep them syn free by serving them with sweetner and chopped fruit or with fat free yoghurt. I like my Magic Pancakes a little bit naughty with a tablespoon of nutella (5 syns) and chopped bananas. Delicious! Great for breakfast or brunch.But I prefer them as a night time treat once the baby is in bed. Mummy treat time! 

What are your Slimming World favourites? 


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