To wean or not to wean? That is the question..

The moment you become pregnant your life changes forever. Long gone are the days where you only think of yourself. Your baby always comes first. When you have a baby there are endless decisions you have to make for yourself and your child. Along with those endless decisions are the endless judgements and criticisms from every Tom, Dick and Harry. Left, right and center you get opinions from everyone whether it's asked for or not. As a Mum you always put your child first and always have their best interests at heart. A Mummy knows what is best for their child and should never feel they have to explain why they are doing this or that. I love chatting with other Mum's, sharing stories and experiences but I am not a fan of when other Mum's think the way they do things is gospel and what you are doing is wrong. Not all babies are the same and neither are their parents or their parenting methods.

The recommended weaning age is now 6 months. Noah is now 4 months old and has been showing signs for weaning for the past few weeks. I know that nutritionally babies can survive on breast milk or formula alone for the first 6 months but not all babies are the same. He might not need a spoonful of puree here and there but he wants it and I am not going to say no because the guidelines say so. (Oh I rhymed!)  

Noah has been watching us eat for weeks and is really interested in food. The past two weeks he has lost interest in his milk, although he is having more he doesn't devour it like he once did. When we are eating he will push his bottle out of his mouth, lick his lips, drool and then whinge. I was eating a pear a week ago and he was going berserk. I then showed him the pear which he grabbed out of my hand, he brought it up to his mouth and began sucking and gnawing on it. I then took it off him and he began to cry. If this isn't a sign that my baby wants something more, then what is?

I did want to leave it as long as I possibly could but our weaning journey has begun! He has already tried baby porridge, which he loves. He opens his mouth for the spoon and whines if you don't have another spoonful ready by the time he has eaten it! 

I am planning on giving him a few spoonfuls of baby porridge mixed with homemade pear puree for his breakfast after he has had his morning feed. After a while I am then going to introduce carrot puree for his dinner with his evening bottle. I am going to take it very slow and at Noah's speed. See how we get on. Wish us luck!

At what age did you wean your baby? Do you have any weaning tips? 


  1. for me it was 4 months but advice changes now I think it is 6 months but always get the advice of a professional but then again you know your baby best x

  2. I weaned at 5.5 months & did BLW at 6 months.
    Enjoy the journey. It's not meant to be stressful and remember, food is fun before they're one. If he doesn't eat, don't stress, he'll make up for it in his milk feed.

  3. Good read hun totally agree they are all different. We introduced porridge at 5 months then more at 6 months we took it slowly though as I just felt he wasn't ready xxx

  4. It is so difficult to know when/what to do but no-one knows your baby better than you so I think you've done the right thing by going with your instinct :)

  5. I started giving Jack baby rice a few nights ago, and he is 14 weeks tomorrow. It's perfect because it's milk but a bit more filling, he loves it! He also has a little fruit puree, cow and gate do these little yoghurt type pots and they're a big hit here! It's just taking it at their speed when they're little :)