A walk in the park

Spring is here!

We are finally getting milder weather and it's so nice to enjoy a little sun when it decides to make an appearance. Due to the nicer weather we have been getting out the house a lot more and enjoying the fresh air which is great for Noah cause he really enjoys it and it's great for me cause it's a little excersize. 

During the week we go on numerous walks to our local park. I found the park by chance one day while we were on a wander and it's ended up being our special spot. Noah and I go by ourselves a lot during the week, Nanna comes with us one day during the week when she comes to visit and at the weekend Daddy comes too. Noah would always be asleep by the time we got to the park but the last few times he has been awake. I've taken him out his pram and he has loved it. My Mum was carrying him and I was walking beside him and he found it hilarious and would watch everything that I did. He loved being shown the trees, grass and bushes. My little bush baby! This taste of Spring is making me so excited for Summer!

 Where do you like to take your little ones? 

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  1. Aww fab photos. He seems to love it. Ethan adores being outside. Bring on Summer! x