Weaning: First tastes

If you read the blog or follow me on twitter or facebook you will probably already know that Noah and I have just started our weaning journey. If you missed the post you can read it here. I felt very conflicted about it but felt that it was in Noah's best interests to start weaning at 4 months. I thought we would give it a go and if he wasn't ready I would stop. The way he has taken to solids has made me certain we have started at the right time. He is absolutely loving it. He will whinge if you don't have another spoonful ready by the time he has eaten the first. He also grabs the spoon, tries to feed himself and makes om nom nom noises. He really enjoys it!

I only intend on giving him baby rice, porridge, fruit and veg puree's for the next month or so. When we get to 6 months I am then going to switch to BLW and see how we get on. 

Noah's very first taste was plain baby rice, which didn't go down very well. He then tried porridge, which he devoured. His first fruit was pear and his first vegetable was carrot. 

So far Noah has tried;

Baby rice. 
Baby rice mixed with pear puree.
Baby porridge. 
Baby porridge mixed with pear puree.
Banana baby porridge.
Pear puree. 
Carrot puree. 
Banana puree (first time trying it this morning!) 

All puree's are homemade and very easy to make. Especially the pear puree! If using ripe pears all you need to do is wash them, peel them, blend them! So simply to make and it tastes amazing. It's no wonder it is Noah's favourite. 

I mix a bit of his milk into everything that he has tried so far. I know you can add cooled boiled water but I like to add his milk. As well as making it a bit more palatable it is also great to add as it warms up the puree a little if the milk is warm. It's also good to use if your puree is a little thick needs a little moisture. 

I intend on making fresh puree's and foods for him as often as I can. I have no problem using premade pouches and jars though and have a collection of different brands to try in our cupboard. With his first tastes I wanted to stick to fresh homemade puree's as I thought it would be easier on his stomach. 

What were your little one's first tastes? 


  1. I will never forget trying to puree potato for Ben - pushing it through a bloody sieve. Don't bother. Wait till he can eat it mashed haha x

  2. Wow look how small he is here! xx