Noah's new best friend

Move over Alfie bear there's a new toy in town! Scout!

I'm a sucker when it comes to buying treat's for Noah and I had my eye on Scout for a while. He is an interactive puppy from Leapfrog which plays songs, talks, laughs, plays music and much more. You can even personalise him to say your child's name, spell it out and use the name in songs. 

When I introduced Noah to Scout this week his eyes turned to saucers, he reached out, grabbed him and starting cooing and smiling at him. Too blooming cute! I love it now he is interacting with toys now, it's so incredible watching him learn new things everyday! 

Do you have any favourites when it comes to your child's toys? 


  1. Adorable photo!! Amelia doesnt have a firm favourite but she does have a few she always plays with. xx

    Oh So Amelia

  2. Beth loves Ewan the Dream Sheep, she's forever cooing and reaching for him. I'm thinking of getting her the cuddly one so she can hold him and we can take him around with us.