Noah - 22 & 23 Months Old

I don't know where these past two months have gone, they seem to have flown by. I ended up being late with Noah's 22 month update so I thought I would combine both 22 and 23 month together, a sort of bumper edition.

Noah turned 23 months old last week and I can't believe he turns 2 years old in just under a months time. It's such a cliche saying when we say "they grow up to quickly!" but they sure do. How is it possible that I was 8 months pregnant 2 whole years ago? I still remember those little feet wedged between my ribcage, those somersaults in my tummy in the middle of the night and every ache and twinge. I remember it and I miss it. 

Anyway, let's get to it! 

Well Noah has turned into a little imp, that's for sure. He doesn't have tantrums as such but he will just cry if he doesn't get his own way and I find it so frustrating. He is really pushing his boundaries now but I am always watching him and correcting him. Sometimes he will be mischievous with a smile on his face and he knows he shouldn't be doing what he's doing but because he has a smile on his face he thinks he can get away with it. Little monkey! Although he is going through this "terrible two" phase a little early he's still the cheeky, funny, caring, gentle and sweet little boy that we know and love, just not all the time! 

Everyone always comments on how tall Noah is and he is when stood next to most children his age but he still wears 18-24 month trousers so he can't be that tall. As well as being tall he is slender in places but also stocky? He is almost 2 stone and he's solid! He is size 5 on his feet and he wears a size 5 disposable nappy at night. The majority of the rest of the time he's in a one size fits all cloth nappy.

Health wise he's been fine but he is still cutting in those 4 canines which are just taking forever to come through fully. I think that the teething has been contributing to his mood, sleep and appetite so I hope they hurry up! 

Noah is still a machine when it comes to eating and isn't fussy in the slightest. He's recently eaten salmon, prawns and muscles and enjoyed the lot. He is still drinking 24oz of full fat cows milk a day, drinks water and has 3 set meals and snack. 

This is the biggest change we've had in the past two months. Noah has always been a great sleeper and has most of the time always gone down without a fuss. Around a month ago his Scout toy started glitching as he was trying to settle and it really frightened him. So much that he was stood up in his cot hysterical. We ran up wondering what what was happening and could hear this awful noise coming from Scout. We took it away and then the next day put new batteries in the toy and demonstrated to Noah that he was all better now but he's not had it in his room since. After that incident his sleep just seemed to go down the pan. It started where he would cry when we were putting him down and just be fussy but then all of a sudden he started being scared of being in his room on his own. We tried everything, multiple night lights, lullaby music, bedtime stories, cuddles, door open, door shut, staying in the room with him, bringing him into our bed, converting into a toddler bed etc but it had zero effect (he got on great with his bed but we've switched back to the cot) but nothing seemed to work and his cries at night were pure terror. I think these sleep issues were a combination of many different things and the main reason is that his imagination is developing tenfold at the minute and I've read that this can sometimes result in night terrors or new fears. We had weeks of broken and bad night sleep and I honestly don't know how people do it. Thankfully we are back on the right track now and he is starting to sleep through again and he still has his nap in the afternoon. 

Noah has learnt a lot more words in the past two months but he isn't saying two words together yet. I can see he's really trying to communicate verbally with me at the moment and he often gets frustrated that he can't properly express himself yet. New words lately are; boat, bee, dodo, choc choc, star. 

Milestones and New Tricks
Imaginative play! This is probably the biggest milestone Noah has reached these past two months. I can really see his imagination blooming and he often plays make believe. He will lay on the floor, pretend to be asleep and snore. He also pretends there's a bee and will run around shouting "oh, bee, bee, bee!" and run for a cuddle like he's scared! So cute.

His speech is coming on a lot as he is saying more words and using them more frequently. He's also learnt for example that Nick's guitar isn't "dada" it's "dada's!" 

Favourite things this month 
Vehicles, cars, ambulances, aeroplanes, helicopters, trains, trucks, tractors. Animals and farm animals. Music especially One Direction, The Weeknd, Little Mix and Bruno Mars. PEPPA PIG! Toy cars. Being outdoors. Running, jumping, dancing. Playing make believe. Painting, play doh, baking, stickers. 

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