5 Places Germs Live In Childcare Centres

As a child's immunity develops, they're prone to all sorts of bugs and infections – many of which they'll pick up from other children they meet along the way. While a little exposure to coughs, colds and kiddie viruses can boost their immunity in the long term, the economic and emotional cost to the household can be high if they're constantly taking sick days from childcare. Childcare centres are some of the most common places where children catch their nasties, so it’s important to ensure this environment is clean to limit sickness. Thankfully, most do hire disinfecting services which helps keep on top of all those nasties. Here are 5 places germs love to reside within these centres.

Food areas

Whether your childcare centre provides meals or you pack them for you child yourself, the areas where food is stored and eaten is typically a breeding ground for bacteria. At most childcare centres, children have access to the fridge for their lunchboxes, making the fridge door a nice little zone of micro-bacteria.


Quality childcare centres encourage good handwashing and restroom practice in their bathrooms, but as children are children, these areas are not immune to germs and bacteria. It goes like this: dirty little fingers that may well have been in noses touch a tap to wash their hands, then pick up the germs again when they turn the tap off. Bathrooms are a great area to look at when you initially assess which centre you wish to send your child to. Always make sure the area is cleaned professionally to give your child the best chance at avoiding serious illnesses. Companies like AMC Commercial Cleaning offer commercial cleaning in Brisbane, Sydney, Perth and Adelaide. The nappy change area is also a natural zone for germs, so check that the centre has a policy of wearing gloves for changes and for wiping down change tables between children. Not in Australia - don't fret. There are commercial cleaning services in Orlando, FL that work at a pristine and professional level.


It can't be helped, but with the spills that children inevitably have and all the dirt they unwittingly track around, floors also bear the brunt of bacteria. A good childcare centre will be well aware of this, ensuring their floors are vacuumed and mopped daily.


From the front door to the back and all the knobs in-between, childcare centres are home to a host of germs enjoying their own personal day care. It's not just children contributing to this little party either – parents and staff touching doorknobs on their way through also unknowingly add to the problem. This is why a lot of centres require children and parents wash their hands upon entry.
Childcare centres are not so different from the family home, other than the amount of people that pass through with – inevitably – different types of bacteria. A little hygiene and regular cleaning goes a long way in eliminating the spread of germs and causing constant illnesses.


Toys get chewed on, thrown around and touched by grimy little hands that have little idea of hygiene. Because of this, toys become prime real estate for childcare germs. Just imagine the amount of sneezes and slobber blocks, dolls, trainsets and puzzles are covered with in a day. Toys should be regularly washed in hot water with disinfectant or wiped down to prevent the spread of germs.


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