Project 365 - Week 43 - 43/52

18th October - 24th October / Week 43

On Sunday we visited another of our favourite places, Forest of Bowland Wild Boar Park. It's a little drive a way but so worth visiting if you live in the North West. It's has lots of animals to see and feed including deers, wild boars and even meercats and owls. 

The sun decided to come out here and there on Monday so when it did we were straight outside soaking it in. I would be surprised if we see anymore sun this year now. Bye bye sun. 

Noah really enjoys baking and sampling our goods afterwards so I find myself baking at least once a week these days. I feel like I'm getting better the more I practice and I think it helps that I finally bought digital scales!

After a 3 month wait we finally had our hospital consultation for the lump in Noah's neck. I wasn't really worried about it as swollen lymph nodes are common in young children, especially after a virus but I did want a second opinion. We went in thinking he would need a blood test but after speaking to the doctor she quickly reasured us that there was nothing to worry about and that it wasn't needed to look at it any further. He had a complete bill of health. 

This isn't the most flattering photo of myself but I just had to share it. Cuddling up to my son whilst he naps, absolute bliss! I might of had 40 winks too! 

Friday we had a chilled out day and then went shopping and visited family in the evening. I love easy going days like these.

The weather was miserable on Saturday but we didn't let it stop us venturing out and exploring as a family. We are lucky to have places like these to visit right on our door step. We went to the cafe for a snack and collected fallen leaves for arts and crafts next week. 

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  1. Glad he got a clean bill of health, snuggles are the absolute best!!