Project 365 - Week 44 - 44/52

25th October - 31st October / Week 44

Sunday we were that lazy that we didn't even take a photo, so here is one for the previous day. Noah visited my Mum for the afternoon so Nick and I both did a few chores amongst some blogging and comping. Nice easy going Sunday. 

Monday we actually made it to playgroup! It's on that early that it's always a struggle to make it on time but Noah didn't sleep in this week so we did attend. He was so excited to be there and enjoyed every moment. He loves playing in the outside area, in the water tray and the wooden play kitchen. We also did a spot of painting and rode the scooters outside too. 

On Tuesday we decided to try on Noah's Halloween outfit! Here he is, Frankenweenie! He looks so cute, I love the little bow tie! 

The weather was awful on Wednesday so we had a day indoors. We played, played and played some more. Noah's absolute favourites are his cars and he has just started sorting them into colours which is so entertaining to watch. He also likes to line them up like this and then use the car at the end to push them all a long. It's fascinating to watch him actually playing properly with his toys now rather than just throwing them about. 

Well this photo just says it all doesn't it! On Thursday we decided to carve our pumpkins for Halloween. I chose to create a "friendly" pumpkin for Noah so he wouldn't be so daunted by it and he just loves it and keeps kissing it all the time! 

On Friday we all went into town to do a bit of shopping. Eagle eye Noah spotted this "choo chooooo!" and ran right over to it as soon as he set eyes on it. I was impressed to actually find one that is still 20p a ride and not £1 a go! 

Halloweeeeen! We spent the day visiting family and then we visited Brewers Fayre to review the new menu and refurbishment. We had such a good time visiting Noah's Great Grandparents earlier in the day, as we always do. We hadn't seen them for a few weeks because his Nan hadn't been well and she didn't want to risk Noah becoming ill. Our meal out was also great!

Have you had a nice week?