How to Enjoy A Holiday With The Kids

Holidays should be all about having fun and enjoying a relaxing time, but family holidays are often exhausting, and you can find yourself glad to get home for a rest! There’s no way of guaranteeing relaxation and harmony on your holiday, but there are definitely steps you can take to make the experience less stressful. If you’re in the process of selecting this year’s holiday, bear in mind these tips for minimising stress and maximising enjoyment.

Choose the right place
It may seem like redundant advice because you’re not going to go somewhere that you don’t like the sound of; however, when you have kids, you need to think about potential stressors and choose somewhere that has a few of them as possible.

1. Family friendly accommodation: A five-star hotel might sound glamorous and luxurious, but if you’re constantly having to try and keep your little ones calm and quiet, it won’t be much fun. Far better to choose a family-friendly hotel, or opt for self-catering, where the kids can let off steam without upsetting other guests.

2. On-site activities: When they’re at home, kids can amuse themselves with all their toys and games, but on holiday they won’t be able to bring more than a handful of items, certainly not enough to keep them entertained all week. When you’re booking your accommodation, check to see what’s available on site for kids, and go for the ones with games rooms, play areas, and kid-friendly activities. 

3. Make it safe: One of the chief causes of stress on holiday is worrying about keeping the kids safe in unfamiliar surroundings. Keep these worries to a minimum by choosing a place that has a secure perimeter so the kids can’t wander off, and avoid ponds and rivers on the property. Somewhere quiet away from busy roads is preferable, but don’t make it too isolated in case you need medical assistance.

Plan in advance
There are certain essentials you need to plan for in advance, so you don’t have to worry about them when you arrive. For example, you’ll probably be needing a car for your stay, and unless your holiday destination is close to home, it makes sense to hire a car. You don’t want to arrive on your first day and start wondering “Is there a car rental near me?” Get the rental booked in advance so you can be sure you’ll get a car that suits your needs.

Keep things relaxed
Don’t feel you have to run your week away like a military operation and cram in as much as you can. That approach will leave you tired and frustrated. Try to be flexible, and remember that kids like freedom and the chance to get away from the scheduled timetable they adhere to at school. Spending a day messing about on the beach will leave you all feeling far more relaxed and happy than attempting to fit in lots of different activities each day.

You can enjoy your holiday with your family if you approach it in the right way; just follow these tips to ensure you have a great time when you go away this year.

AD: This is a collaborative post.


  1. Oh so true, our last holiday megan threw a huge tantrum as she had to have a bath as there wasnt a shower in our cottage and she wanted one, the day before she threw one whilst shopping as she had a doubler toy and wasnt happy, I packed our bags and was ready for home, when it all calmed down we finally enjoyed our week xx

  2. great tips i love a family holiday