Pregnancy Diary: Week 15


15 Weeks Pregnant.
15! Not long until we are half way through! My symptoms have taken a few step backwards this week. I started to feel sick again and became picky with my foods. For the first 13 weeks I was obsessed with fruit and fresh fruit juice and could not get enough but now I seem to be addicted to milk and cheese. Funny how your cravings change so frequently. Before I was pregnant I loved Indian food but now I am all about Chinese which I never really bothered with before. Very odd! I've always been a fruit lover and still can't get enough fruit, I must be having at least 8 portions of fruit a day. 

Bump seems even bigger this week! Believe it or not! No sign of the growth slowing down. I am going to be gigantic come 30 weeks. Nick will have to push me around in a wheel barrow to get me to and fro! Baby is now the size of an orange and is 2.5oz!  

On the next post I will hopefully be announcing the gender of our baby! As in only a weeks time we will be having our highly anticipated 16 week gender scan! I am so glad that we paid that little amount of money to find out the gender a whole month earlier. It is also a lot more accurate so I will feel more confident with this scan than a typical NHS scan. Then 4 weeks later we have the 20 week scan to look forward to! Lots of exciting times ahead! 

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