Pregnancy Diary: Week 14


14 Weeks Pregnant.

Not much has changed from my last weekly post. I am still feeling great and have hardly any pregnancy symptoms which is great! No nausea, still no morning sickness and my appetite is normal. I am still exhausted all the time but that is to be expected. I am still waiting for the burst of energy you are supposed to get in second trimester to come and save the day! 

My bump is growing well and is rather large for what stage I am. It's so comforting to rub my belly and think of my little baby growing in there. It's so humbling and I can't get enough of my bump! Although it frightens me how big my belly may end up if it is so large already!

Our baby is now the size of a lemon, little lemon baby. We are both still counting down the days until the private gender scan. We can't wait until we find out what we are having. We can then start visualising our future as a family with either a baby girl in the picture or a baby boy! I used to think boy, boy, boy all throughout the first trimester but now I am starting to think pink! It could be a baby girl, only time will tell. So very exciting! 

See you next week! 

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