Pregnancy Diary: Week 13


13 Weeks Pregnant

13 week and I'm feeling great. Definitely had the best week so far. My nausea has totally gone and I can pretty much eat anything again. Whoop! I still feel exhausted but not as bad as I was feeling in the first trimester. I am still waiting for the energy boost and nesting phase to hit! 

Bump is coming a long nicely and seems a bit more in proportion now! It's starting to resemble a proper little bump rather than a little pot belly. My belly button has totally vanished now which is very peculiar considering I have always had an outie. No one can believe how big my bump is and are always asking if I am expecting twins. Just the one in there believe it or not. It does look rather large for 13 weeks! 

Nick and I had both been contemplating paying for a private gender scan via baby bond. We weren't sure at first and thought we should just wait for the 20 week scan and save the £79.  But if we did wait it out until the 20 week NHS scan there is no guarantee that they will be able to tell us the sex and it can be very inaccurate. So I wrote down all the pro's for paying for the private 16 week gender scan; we can find out the gender a whole month sooner, we can start planning everything better once we know, we get to see the baby again, means we have two more scans to look forward to rather than just the one, we can make sure everything is okay, we get some more scan pictures, it is 98% accurate, if they can't determine the gender on the day you can go back! The pro's are endless. The only con's where that it is £79! Which I think is worth it. 

So in just over two weeks time we will know if we are having a baby boy or baby girl. I am so excited! I did have a gut feeling that we are expecting a boy but lately I have been a bit more unsure! It is going to be a pleasant surprise either way as we would be happy with either! At the minute we love the names Noah and Sophia but we still have another 6 whole months to decide! Exciting times! 

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