Pregnancy Diary: Week 12


12 Weeks Pregnant. 

I am writing this at 12 and a half weeks pregnant. My bump has slowed down on the growing, which I am glad about as I seemed to be huge at 10 weeks. It is a bit more rounded now and it looks like a little pot belly! I feel fantastic at the minute. Most of my nausea has gone, I have my appetite back and I feel like me again! I am still really tired but I don't mind that as I love my sleep. I have to make the most of my sleep now while I can. 

Now onto the exciting part! On the 7th I had my very first scan and what an incredible experience that was! Firstly the midwife who booked our scan made a mistake and booked us into a different hospital 20 minutes away. So we were getting ready in the morning to go to our scan and Nick decided to give them a call to confirm our appointment as we didn't even recieve a reminder letter in the mail. I am so glad he did because that was only when we found out our scan was at another hospital! If he hadn't of checked we would of gone to where we were supposed to have the scan only to of been turned down. I would of been gutted.

So we drove over to the other hospital. I was sipping away at water filling up my bladder for the scan. I can't normally hold a cup of water nevermind a litre so I knew I would struggle! We got to the hospital. After a 20 minute wait I just had to go to the toilet! I couldn't hold it any longer. I then had to down a bottle of water when I came out and of course that was when we were called into our scan! When my bladder was pretty much empty ha ha.

We followed the sonographer into this little dark room and I led down on the bed, not sure what to expect. My heart was pounding in my chest and I was so excited but so nervous. I just wanted everything to be okay. When the baby appeared on screen at first all I saw was the top of the head and for a split second I thought something was wrong! But then little baby appeared on screen and my heart melted. I just stared at the screen with tears in my eyes. I didn't say a word and was just mesmerised by this little life that Nick and I have created. Nick kept looking back at me and was saying something but I can't even remember what he said because I was so speechless and enthralled. It was an indescribable feeling. 

The baby was a little monkey and would not keep still constantly jumping and rolling over. We saw baby's face, the little arms waving around, the little legs kicking! Baby would roll over and show off his/her little bum and then roll over to face us but really didn't want to lie flat on his/her back. The sonographer struggled to get a picture of the baby and wasn't able to do the NT scan which we opted for. I actually had two scans because I had to go out drink a bit more water, have a sit down and then go back in hope that the baby may go into position but he/she really didn't want to play ball! 

Here is our picture! Which I seem to stare at constantly! We had such a giggle when we saw it because both of us are really tall everyone jokes that our baby is going to have long legs! On the scan picture the main thing you can see is a long pair of legs!

You can see baby facing slightly away at an angle. See the little spine, those long legs! The black patch across the face to me looks like an arm against babies head. It looks extremely cosy in there! The baby even has a foot rest! Everything went great which was such a relief and we cannot wait until the next scan. 

Seeing our baby on that screen was one of those amazing experiences of my life and one I will never ever forget. 


  1. There's nothing quite like seeing that first pic of baby. I bet you keep taking it out of your bag and looking at it, I know I did. Two months until the next one seems such a long time, thanks for sharing with us.

  2. Thank you!

    Yes, we took photo's of it on our phones too. So not only do we have it on the mantle piece but we have it on our phone screensaver, pc screensaver, our pictures on facebook! Etc.

    We have booked a private gender scan at 16 weeks which is under 2 weeks away now! We couldn't wait till the end of June to find out!

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