Pregnancy Diary: Week 11


11 weeks Pregnant.

I am writing this at 11 weeks! One more week to go until I reach the lovely 12 week mark! No developments on bump watch. It still seems the same size, which I am glad about as it seemed huge for 10 weeks! I am forever rubbing my little bump and find it so comforting. I've begun lathering it with moisturiser as my skin is becoming really dry and I know I am going to be prone to bad stretch marks. All part of the fun! You can't expect to carry a child and not come out with stretch marks! 

Symptom wise I have felt a lot better. Not as sick as I have been in the previous weeks. My appetite still comes and goes and I do struggle with certain foods. Especially meat. I even struggle with chicken. I am probably the most tired I have been at this point. I will go to work, come home, have my tea then flake out on the sofa until bedtime. I can't get enough sleep. I don't mind sleeping the days away though as I have got to enjoy that sleep whilst I can! I noticed another not so nice symptom that I developed in week 11 and that is excess hair! The hair on my arms has become a covering of fur like hair! It's so dense and not very attractive! I've also got a lot more spots not only on my face but on my chest too. All in all I am not glowing. Not just yet!

Our first scan is just 6 days away and I am counting down the hours. I am so excited but so nervous too. I hope everything is okay and our little bun is growing well! I cannot wait to see him or her on that screen. It will make everything seem so much more real. It seems to have taken forever to get to this point! Next week's post will have a scan picture to show you all! 

Here is another cute picture to share. I have a hamper full of babygrows, vests, blankets, grobags, bibs, hats, socks, mittens etc but I have seriously slowed down on the spending! I haven't bought anything for a while. Don't think I will do now until we know what we are having. I am still certain we are having a baby boy but only time will tell! 

See you next week!