Pregnancy Diary: Week 10


10 Weeks Pregnant.

I'm writing this at 10 weeks pregnant. My bump seems to have grown even more and is still firming up nicely. I also noticed that my belly button has changed from being an outie to an innie! Which is a bit backwards. It has also gone huge as my skin on my stomach has stretched so much already. I wondered what had happened when I realised my belly button had disappeared and felt woozy afterwards. How weird are belly buttons seriously?

10 weeks and I feel great! My horrible 24/7 nausea has subsided and I am slowly getting my appetite back. I still feel sick occasionally but it now comes in waves and it's not here all the time. I can finally eat proper meals again too which also helps with the exhaustion. Crisps are still my saviour though. Nothing like a bag of Walkers!

We have our first scan in just over two weeks. Time seems to be going in slow motion and I can't wait any longer! It is a long time to wait to see your baby for the first time and make sure that everything is okay. I am counting down the days. I am tempted to buy a doppler so I can listen to my babies heartbeat at home but I am not certain about it yet. I could get obsessed with it and panic if I couldn't find the heartbeat. 

Thought I would upload some of the snow suits we have bought our little winter baby. I can't wait for he or she to be all snug inside one all ready for cuddles! We are so excited! 


  1. Hi, I just stumbled across your blog :)
    I'm about a month behind you, I'm due with my first baby on 16th December and I'm so excited!

    I love those snow suits in your picture, where did you get them from? I hope everything's going well for you xxx

  2. Hello! Congratulations to you too!

    The white snow suit was from baby gap and the beige one is from the essential one. They are perfect with our baby being due in Nov he/she will need lots of snugly warm clothes!

  3. Congratulations, these snow suits are just too cute x

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