Pregnancy Diary: Week 8


8 weeks Pregnant.

I am writing this as I go from 8 weeks to the 9th! The weeks seem to be flying by now.
I have found this week pretty tough too symptom wise. I still have a cold, bad chest and nausea that seems to last all day. Still can't get enough sleep either and find myself napping lots. Other than that everything has been great!

I had my first midwife appointment this week. I was so nervous going but that was slowly resolved as the midwife we had was lovely. She put me at ease, was friendly and very helpful! She made the whole experience enjoyable and I thank her for that. Everything at the appointment went really well. The midwife even mentioned she wished everyone was like me as it was so straight forward and I was doing everything correctly and my health history was spot on. It was nice to get praise considering this is my first pregnancy and I am totally new to it. I had my bloods taken for the very first time which wasn't a pleasant experience as at first I wasn't able to give her blood. Nothing was coming out! But she did get all she needed and sent those off for tests. The results of which I will get back on my 12 week scan which is on the 7th May! Yes, I have my date for my very first scan! I can't wait. I am so scared and nervous. I just wish I could fast forward the time!

I also told my work that I am pregnant. I was a little apprehensive to tell them but they were happy and we did a risk assessment straight away. I am already finding work challenging as I find myself getting a little breathless and dizzy at times when rushing around. I need to remember to take it easy! 

My Mum aka Nanna Lorraine also bought her first grandbaby gift this week too. I just had to share the picture, it's just that cute. Ahhhh! Little frog!

I'm still having lots of dreams of having a little baby boy! I wonder if it will come true or if I am having the opposite! Only time will tell! I can't wait until we are at the stage where we can find out. It's so exciting!

Only another 3 weeks in the First Trimester. Where has the time gone? It seems like I have been pregnant forever but at the same time it has flown. Only our close friends and family know still and I am looking forward to telling everyone our little baby secret!

See you at the 9 week post!
Toodle pip!