Pregnancy Diary: Week 7


7 weeks Pregnant

At this moment in time I am 7 weeks and venturing into my 8th. The last couple of weeks seem to have flown by where as the first couple went so slow. I don't think I am watching the days as closely now and just trying to take it easy. I already have a slight bump and my belly is firming up. So exciting. It is also frightening because how big will I get if I already have a bump now!

I have found this stage of pregnancy the most difficult. I still have a runny nose and the occasional nose bleed which is annoying but all part of the package. I have also developed a nasty chesty cough which I just have to deal with the best as I can because there is no medication I will be able to take. I am getting waves of nausea but still no morning sickness. I have an aversion to most foods and have only been able to stomach potatoes and fruit! But now that I have had so much potato based meals I am going off that too, so really struggling with food. I am also exhausted most of the time. No matter how much sleep I get I am still tired. I've found that being active and going to work makes me feel better and on my days off where I intend to relax I feel so much worse. Crazy! Lots of symptoms all at once.
No one said pregnancy was easy and I take it all in my stride. Although I can't wait for the second trimester when you are supposed to feel fantastic!

We have our first midwife appointment on Monday which we are both very excited and equally nervous for. I don't think I am going to be able to sleep on Sunday night and I'm hoping everything goes smoothly. I hope we hear the beat of our babies heart. Wish us luck!

I had a dream last week that we had a little baby boy and I was convinced when we first conceived we were having a boy so I'm a bit more team blue at the moment but I could also picture us with a little girl! Only time will tell.

Just had to upload this picture! How cute is it? 101% cute! 

Only 4 weeks until our first scan. I am tempted to pay for a private early scan as these 4 weeks are going to go by so slowly. So very exciting and nerve wracking!

Hope we have good news to report on my 9th week entry!

Bye for now!

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