Pregnancy Diary: Week 6


6 weeks pregnant. 

I'm writing this as I am leaving the six week milestone and moving into my seventh!

This week hasn't been too bad symptom wise. I haven't had any morning sickness as of yet, which is fine with me! On the other hand I have experienced extreme fatigue especially on my days off. It was that bad that I just had to lounge on the sofa like a couch potato as doing the menial of tasks was exhausting. I didn't feel just physically drained but mentally too. For some reason I would feel more energised when at work rather than when I was relaxing at home. one night I even managed to sleep for 12 hours.

At the start of the week I had no appetite and the thought of most foods made me feel sick. One night all I could stomach for tea was roast potatoes and gravy. Coming towards the end of the week I couldn't get enough food but certain foods I still can't touch. Mainly meats! Still can't get enough fruit or fresh fruit juice.

I had my first scare this week too. There are a lot of physical changes in pregnancy, even I'm these early stages. Without getting into too much gory details I noticed a peculiar change when going to the ladies room and my heart sank. It was very frightening. It wasn't blood or anything like that but it wasn't the usual. After the panic set it I did a lot of research and other ladies had experienced the same thing and it had been fine. A little unusual but nothing to worry about. I am keeping an eye on things and it hasn't happened again. When I go to my first midwife appointment I will be sure to mention it.

We had an early splurge this week. On researching what travel system I would prefer I fell in love with the iCandy apple. It is very pricey and top of the range but I knew I had to have it. My Dad kindly offered to pay for the pram as he said it was tradition but I didn't want him to pay an extortionate amount. That's where eBay came in! I found a preloved iCandy apple travel system on there for a starting bid of just £150 which I won for just £190. Which is incredible to think that new it would cost over £800. I know it is early days to be buying a pram but when I saw the bargain I knew I had to have it.

Anyway that about wraps it up for week six! I'm still wishing I could fast forward time and we are both still extremely excited!

We love our November Sparkler already.

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