Pregnancy Diary: Week 4


4 Weeks Pregnant

    I am writing this at 4 weeks pregnant. Very early days yet. We have only told family and a close friend of mine on twitter. All of which are very very happy for us. We don't want to tell the world until we are finally out of the 12 week zone. 

    I obviously don't intend to post this until we have announced to everyone we are expecting but I wanted to blog about everything while everything was still fresh in my mind. So here goes... 

    Nick and I have been together and going strong for five years and for the last year we had been contemplating when we would start a family and how amazing it would be. In the new year I just felt like 2013 was our year to start trying. I signed up with a very helpful website called Baby to Bump which was incredible. That website turned out to be invaluable cause not only did I learn so much from it but I also gained a lot of support from some lovely people over there. 

    So we did the baby dance a few times in my fertility window and straight away I felt different. A few days into it I felt cramps and my body felt different. I began getting tired and I was a bit more testy that usual! I was googling early pregnancy symptoms and convinced myself that I was pregnant. I also thought that I shouldn't raise my hopes as the body can play tricks on you. 

    I had bought some pregnancy test strips off the internet and I was testing every other day and was getting no results. It was too soon to test but I tested none the less. Not even a little faint line. Still I was convinced I was pregnant. I wasn't just feeling changes in my body I was seeing them too. Then one night (I will remember this forever) I was sat on the sofa and my cat was on my knee. I tried to nudge her off as I was feeling a little crowded and her claw got stuck in my pj's and ripped them ever so slightly and I burst into tears. Sobbing! I knew I was pregnant then. I had to be. 

    The next day it was our 5 year anniversary and I woke up and I did a test and I saw a very faint red line appear! I burst into tears I was so happy! I had to refrain from texting or calling my partner all day as he was at work. It seriously felt like the longest day of life. When he got home from work I couldn't keep the smile off my face but was trying my best to act normal. I had led the two pregnancy tests on the bed against the white sheet so you could see the lines more clearly and told him to come and have a look in the bedroom. I pointed them out and said "Happy Anniversary!" He had the biggest smile on his face and we were in our element. On our first month of trying to conceive I fell pregnant! I didn't think it would happen so soon for us. 

    The thought of being pregnant and being a Mummy is not only amazing but also absolutely terrifying. I just hope that everything goes well and our bean will be fit and healthy. The due date is 15th November. 
Our November Sparkler! 

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