What's in Baby's Hospital Bag?

Yesterday I wrote all about what I have packed in my hospital bag and today it's Baby's turn. I was really happy with the response I got to yesterdays post as I was given some great tips and advice so thank you for sharing them with me. Hopefully you can do the same with this post too! 

As I previously said I decided to pack two separate bags for Baby and I, just so everything was divided and easier to look through when we need to.  

Below I have listed what I have packed for him. I have my heart set on breast feeding but I am also packing for in case I prefer to express. If you notice I have missed something then please let me know as I would rather have everything I could possibly need than forget a certain something.


Vests x4 in newborn and 0-3.
Sleepsuits x4 in newborn and 0-3.
Pramsuit in 0-3.
Scratch mits.


Swaddle Wrap.
Swaddle Cloth.
Muslin Cloths.

Water wipes.
Cotton wool balls.


Breastpump, bottles, dummys (Just in case)


  1. Sounds like you've made a good start! I would maybe think about taking more vests/sleepsuits - we went through 6 outfits in just over 24 hours in hospital! It was mostly due to our inexperience at nappy changing though, every nappy change seemed to end up needing a full change of clothes! I was like you as well - I was convinced my boy was going to be over 8lbs. He ended up being 6lb 10oz and all the clothes we'd taken for him were huge. If you live fairly near to the hospital I wouldn't worry too much though - you can always send someone home for more supplies if you need to. Lastly, I don't know about your hospital but with ours we didn't need to take anything for feeding. If you needed a pump/bottles/formula then they would provide them. I guess it doesn't hurt to take them anyway though. Good luck!

    1. Thanks so much for the reply!
      I am going to pack a lot more now. Thank you.

      Also our birth centre doesn't provide anything for feeding. Either if you are bottle feeding or breast feeding. They also don't provide towels for Mum!

      Thanks again x

  2. aww, I honestly wouldn't have a clue, but I hope all goes well for you both

  3. Looks like you have covered everything I would suggest taking some formula milk, when it's your first it isn't always easy to breast feed ;-)

    1. See that's what I've been told not to do. My birth centre doesn't provide formula but people have said if you want to breast feed and have brought in formula then you are more prone to give up and give in. No one ever said it was easy xx

  4. soft change mat as newborns often hate being undressed or naked! stuff for journey hone in car seat, layers but no snowsuit... and nursing pillow if you're able to squash one in your bag!!

  5. I would suggest taking a few tiny baby clothes! U would think newborn fits newborn but that's not always the case! We took what u took + the clothes swamped him! Don't worry about nappies, they provide them if you run out! Take formula cartons- just incase-they are a godsend! xx

  6. I wish I had taken newborn clothing as he hardly fit in anything! x