My Maternity Fashion Tip

I was asked by the lovely Angelique (co-owner and creator of the wonderful Snoob Scarf) to share my top Maternity fashion tip with her readers and mine. So here I am! 

Before I was pregnant I was fond of wearing floaty day dresses. I never wore tight fitting dresses and avoided them at all costs as I wasn't happy with my figure. Once I begun showing and my bump began getting bigger and bigger I realised that floaty just didn't work for me any more. Wearing something so loose made me look bigger than I was and didn't really show that I was pregnant. I just looked big and shapeless and it wasn't flattering. 

This led me to begin experimenting with my Maternity wardrobe. I didn't want to spend a fortune on maternity wear but I knew I needed a few pieces that would see me through the duration of my pregnancy and beyond. So I begun researching stores which stock fashionable maternity wear.

I came across a striped bodycon dress from Topshop and knew I had to have it. It wasn't my usual style but I knew I had to try something different. Like most high street stores you can only buy their Maternity range online so I bought my regular size and had it delivered to home. My first impressions when it arrived was that it looked far too big and like a sack. 

Thankfully I tried it on and fell in love. The dress was everything I was looking for; stylish, the perfect length, stretchy, comfortable, supportive and durable. It cost me around £40 and has been worth it's weight in gold as it has been the staple of my wardrobe for my whole pregnancy. 

So my top maternity fashion tip is: Show off your bump and bodycon it!

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  1. Must be difficult needing a whole new set of clothes for just a few months.