Baby Diary: One Week Old

Wow. I did intend to write this sooner as he is now 2 weeks old but I literally haven't had time to have a cup of tea let alone blog as much as I wanted to. The past week has been the most crazy, tiring and stressful week of my life but on the flip side it has also been the most rewarding, amazing and lovely one too. It never occurred to me how hard work taking care for a newborn is but I wouldn't change it for the world, I've loved every single moment.

Week 1:

Bringing our baby home for the first time was so frightening. We are both so new to babies and have so much to learn. We handled him like a porcelain doll and really second guessed every single thing that we did. As the days went on we got more and more confident with him. You just have to trust yourself and your instincts and when you are stuck you can always receive great advice from friends and family. We have fantastic support behind us from day one and couldn't appreciate it more. 

During Noah's first week he was good as gold. He fed, slept, fed, slept. He enjoyed his sleep so much that we would actually have to try to wake him for a feed. I think he was just getting used to the outside world and catching up on some well deserved rest after the stress of labour. We did struggle with him sleeping in his moses basket as he preferred to sleep on me. We slightly tilted the moses basket mattress and created a hoop with a blanket for a head rest on advisement from the midwives and that has really seemed to help. 

Noah absolutely loves his milk and although he rarely finishes a 90ml bottle he will want more milk shortly after. He tends to feed every 2-3 hours. He is a very hungry baby! I tried breastfeeding initially but it wasn't for me, I found it painful and I struggled to get him to latch on correctly. I did express for the first week but it didn't seem to fill him up and we would have to top him up with formula. I wish I had of educated myself on breastfeeding more than I did as I was extremely disappointed with myself and I still have a bitter feeling when thinking about giving up. Anyway I am trying not to dwell on it too much.

He put a little bit of weight on at his first weigh in and the second he had lost half an ounce. The midwives said it was great though as newborns normally lose a lot and Noah was fine. Since then though he has piled on the weight (now at 16 days old he weighs a whooping 8lb 10oz!) They also said he had a bit of jaundice when he was a couple of days old but as he was feeding well I just had to keep an eye on it, if it got worse I would have to call them. It didn't and went away in a few days time. 

His cord fell off on his seventh day and I have wrapped it in a nappy bag and put it in his memory box. We waited until his cord fell off until we gave him that daunting first bath, which he loved! He really enjoyed the water falling on him and didn't cry until he was out and getting dried. He isn't a fan of being dressed, he actually prefers a nappy change to his clothes being messed with! Since that first bath he has had a quick dip with me which he loved even more. He was kicking his little legs about like he was trying to swim. 

He is such a character already and I think he is going to take after me. He is so strong-willed for a newborn and if you do something that he doesn't like he makes a grumpy huff which makes me laugh every time as he sounds just like me. He seems to love his snuggles and kisses and is so aware of everything. I can't wait to see his personality develop as he gets older. 

I can't believe how much he has changed already. I'm thinking of booking a Newborn Photography session so I can document everything even more. It's incredible watching him grow and I am absolutely loving being a new Mummy! 


  1. Congrats hun and welcome to the world little one .x

  2. I loved reading this post and congrats on a beautiful baby boy! Can't wait to read more on how he grows :)

  3. Aww he is just beautiful, he looks so much like you. Congratulations, enjoy every minute x

  4. He is beautiful. Congratulation... can not wait for next weeks shots

  5. Oh wow! It is so great to hear how already little Noah has his own personality coming through!

  6. He's gorgeous! I was so glad when rio's cord fell stank! But like you, we kept it in the box, godknows why :) enjoy! X

  7. Wow So cute!! You must be so proud of him. I have a 3 month old and its lovely to see what your little one is doing just so I get to remember when my baby did those because you soon forget with how much they learn and grow so fast xx enjoy xx

  8. Ahhh I remember those first two weeks like it was yesterday. We really struggled but with the midwives, health visitors and of course family we got through it. I think of all you have to come and it makes me so broody. Enjoy every second as it goes by so quickly xxx

  9. I love these photos they are so cute

    Kirsty Fox