Planning A Stress-Free Family Getaway

Travel is one of the greatest privileges that we can enjoy, which is why it’s no wonder that when we travel, we want to do it together as a family. You want to see the greatest sights in the world, yes, but you also want to be the one to show it to the people you love most in the whole world – your children. Travelling with children, however, is far from easy, which is why you need to start planning well in advance so that you have all the insider’s information and tickets booked to make your next vacation stress-free:

Choose a Great Destination for Everyone
The first step to any getaway is to choose where you and your family are going. You don’t want to choose a place that is entirely geared towards kids, and similarly, you don’t want to choose a place that is just for adults. Family-geared adventures are the happy middle because they come with fun activities for kids to do that are challenging for the whole family. This could be camping, or it could be city hopping. There is something for everyone and assuming your children won’t like travel if it doesn’t have amusement parks or kid-friendly activities is a mistake. Kids can find ways to be entertained wherever they are so that it boils down to is choosing a place that you and your family are physically capable of doing – no strenuous hikes for toddlers, for example – and that there is a variety of things to do and see.

Choose a Family-Friendly Accommodation
The next step to ensure that you have a stress-free getaway is to choose accommodation that is specifically built for family’s in mind – a home. Choose a vacation home on VacationRenter, a project by Wilbur Labs, and you can enjoy all the amenities of a home with luxurious style and design to make your trip feel special. This way you can avoid booking multiple hotel rooms or be needing to deal with uncomfortable sleeping arrangements.

Have Fully Stocked Day Bags
Regardless of whether you are going on a walking tour, seeing museums, or are even going from one ride to another in an amusement park, it is always essential to bring a day bag. This is even more critical for everyone in your family when you are vacationing during the summer. You will want your bag to have everything you need, from water for the whole family, to snacks, as well as items like sunscreen and insect repellent. The better packed your day back, the more comfortable and healthy you can keep your whole family.

Remember Not to Overdo It
Whether you travel with your kids or as a couple or even by yourself, it is always important to remember to moderate your day. Yes, you can get a lot done if you push through, but being too tired to enjoy your vacation is the best way to detract from the overall experience. When you travel with kids, this can go from missing out and enjoying your trip less to dealing with tantrums all too easily. Take things slow and really enjoy what you do instead of trying to do too much all at once.

It's impossible to guarantee that problems, arguments, and tears won’t happen on a trip, but the better you plan and the more flexible your arrangements, the better your trip will be.

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  1. Planning a Stress Free - Family Getaway

    Great title:- I have often heard it said that the average family has three holidays a year. Which personally I find hard to believe. Though it does sound nice. The quality, as well as quantity of holidays, short breaks etc seems important. Planning seems to be what is worthwhile getting right. So much to consider. Maybe much research needing done :- Especially with there having been so much change.

    Stress Free may be an aim, so how to do it. Think through what has worked before, and why. Remember to take into consideration views of all who will be travelling, individual needs, etc. Great idea of Fully Stocked Day Bags for each individual, refreshments I believe are a must.

    Rachel Craig

  2. Choose a Family - Friendly Accomodation. A recent episode of Hotel Inspector :- The hotel was changed / updated to family friendly. I believe it is important to take into consideration each individual who is going on the holiday. Yet surely nowadays what can be difficult is knowing what to expect of a hotel / venue, etc. As there has been so much change, possibly due to Economic Downturn, etc.

    A holiday can be so important for families, groups, individuals :- As a time when they are likely to want to relax, have some nice leisure time. Recreation can be important :- What is available? Sports, Entertainment, Sight Seeing, etc. These are important aspects. Historically we may have been able to rely on experience, word of mouth, reputation. Times have changed. Much has changed. Reputations need to start afresh, due to change of ownership / management / staff, refurbishment, etc.

    Who wants to take a chance on such an important aspect of life. Holiday is a time for relaxation and recuperation:- Following a busy lifestyle, etc.

    Rachel Craig

  3. I'm not 100% sure there is such a thing as stress free, but you can certainly minimise it! We find plenty of games always helps us :).

  4. A fabulous write up, i always take plenty to do, and spend hours looking for that family holiday, which is for the kids and for the adults

  5. Definitely important not to overdo it - want to come back feeling refreshed rather than knackered

  6. Great advice - could do with some time away.

  7. these are great tips love a trip away with my family