Top Tips For Improving Your Child’s Fine Motor Skills

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Fine motor skills refer to the movements and connections you have to use your fingers and hands in everyday items. We should actually be very thankful for our hands and the way they allow us to handle a lot of things in our lives! For children, though, they have a long but manageable path ahead of them through play and activities that help more than a lot of people realise. I’ve teamed up with a nursery in Winchester to provide the best ways to improve your child’s fine motor skills through play and social activities.

Using creative playtime
Free play is one of the biggest learning experiences for young children learning how to hold different toys like cars, action figures, balls, and squeaky toys, among others. This time is a really fun time for children as they’re able to learn about how to use toys in different ways, how they feel, and how they can be used.

Water play
A popular way of developing a child’s skills through their hands and fingers is through using water. Children can enjoy paddling in a small inflatable pool or at a local swimming pool by using toys, slides and inflatables to let them feel like they’re in control. Children can also learn about how to float in a pool, and swim strokes when they’re much older.

Arts and crafts
Playing with glue, paint, paper, felt and all sorts of other things you can use in crafting can test your child’s motor skills in a number of different ways. Children can learn about how to hold a paintbrush in different styles to achieve new and exciting results; crafting with felt and glue can show your child how to hold finer materials and use them to create something magical. It’s all about showing your child how to have fun in their surroundings, and a lot of the fine motor skills are naturally taken up by your child as they practice more and more.

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