5 Ways To Protect Your Baby

The moment I saw those two lines appear on the pregnancy tests my life changed forever, twice over. From then on I've done everything in my power to protect my children, from eating right during pregnancy through to avoiding things which can be harmful to them in utero. That's when it all began. Parenting really is a mine field, there's always something to be worried about but that's not necessarily a bad thing. It shows how much I love them and how much I want to protect them. With this in mind I thought I'd put together a post with 5 examples, bare in mind that I'm no expert, these are just examples of the ways in which I protect my two children.

1. Practice Safe Sleep
This is something I didn't really think about until I had my first child. I remember being gifted a gorgeous baby blanket and cot bumper set at my baby shower and initially had planned to use it.. We opted to use baby sleeping bags with both our children as they regulate body temperature and eliminate the risks associated with blankets. It's also recommended to place baby with feet at the bottom or the cot, with no hats and no toys in with them.

2. Build Immune Systems
When babies are young they have little to no immune system so it's inevitable that they will get poorly every now and again. Breast milk gives them some protection against certain bugs with its antibodies and white blood cells. It's also tailored to your baby so if your baby is becoming sick you will make milk loaded up with bug fighting antibodies. Then there's the vaccinations which protect against serious illnesses. After that there's a few things that you can do which help build your child's immune system such as ensuring they get enough sleep and load them up with plenty of fruit and vegetables.

3. Sun Protection
Living in the UK we don't tend to need to worry about this often because let’s face it we don't get much sun however when taking your little one abroad it's a different story. We went to Spain this year with both children and Ava was just 13 weeks old. I was so apprehensive about how she'd cope with the warmth but she was fine, in fact I think she liked it. We made sure that she was covered head to toe in a high factor and high-quality sun cream every day but she was never in direct sunlight. When we were outside she'd be in the shade and we'd often go inside to cool off. I also encouraged her to breastfeed more often to make sure she was getting enough fluids in the warmer temperature.

4. Car Seat Safety
A major topic to mention has got to be car seat safety and the law here in the UK. It all depends on your child's age and what type of seat they should be in however it is recommended that you rear face an infant to at least the age of two. To keep up to date with this and to read more please see here.

5. Prevent Nappy Rash
Last but not least has got to be preventing nappy rash. Back when Ava was a newborn baby she got an infection around her cord which led to her needing a course of antibiotics. I was so upset by this and blamed myself but I was told it was just something which happens sometimes. The antibiotics upset her tummy which made her have rather acidic stool's. As you can imagine this wasn't pleasant for her, it gave her nappy rash which was all she needed after an infection. Although they don't usually recommend using creams with a baby so young it was necessary in our situation. Using a barrier cream not only healed her nappy rash but also prevented it from returning by protecting against the causes. Since using Bepanthen, which protects against the causes of nappy rash, she's not actually had nappy rash since and it's been six months. Nappy free time is also a great way to prevent nappy rash, lots of fresh air to their bottom works wonders and they also love having that little bit of freedom to wiggle about.

These are just 5 ways in which you can protect your baby but there are so many more which I could have easily discussed. Do you have any advice and tips you'd like to share? I'd love to read them. 

- This post is sponsored by Bepanthen.


  1. Parenting really does start from the moment you find out you're pregnant doesn't it? My little one isn't due for a few weeks yet but I felt immense responsibility and the need to protect them as soon as I saw those two lines!

    1. It really does and congratulations! Such an exciting time!

  2. Great tips. I'd also add not to beat yourself up when the inevitable bumps, bruises, and illnesses happen. It's easy to do so but doesn't help either of you.

  3. Great blog, and by giving reasons for the safety tips :- I believe it encourages us all in making use of them. As well as retaining and understanding reasons for such advice, etc. I think it helps to be positive, as Parenting and Responsibility for youngsters can seem so overwhelming if faced with a list of must do's. Or vast amount of advice at an InApprpriate time. Seems sensible to be Proactive or prepare for childCare well before little one arrives. All the family and friends tend to get excited, and want to do what is best for baby. Granparents can be particularly excited, thankfully nowadays hospitals can be helpful in providing updates for Grandparents, some may do this via Internet website, class at hospital or Health Centre, etc.

    Rachel Craig

  4. What a useful post. Yes, motherhood is a minefield.

    My additional tip is to keep either an electronic or hard copy record of dates and the nature of any illnesses that require medication or medical intervention and the same for any procedures or surgery. Such a record helps you as a mum to manage your child's heath and it is surprisingly useful when your child grows into teen and adult years.

  5. Yes motherhood is full of worrys but lots of lovely moments and fun too

  6. Good tips, motherhood is no walk in the park!

  7. lovely picures ;)

  8. What a lovely little hairband.

    Rachel Craig

  9. sudocream was a godsend for all of my kids and i still use it myself for any sores grazes etc

  10. Great tips especially with the Winter germs coming, the sleep one is a good one too, I never worried on Connor, he was breathing fed so slept in with me but with the girls I followed the rules and regulations xxx