Why Should You Choose A Cruise For Your Next Holiday With The Kids?

Cruises haven’t always appealed to me, from the worry about seasickness to the fear of being trapped on a boat for days on end with bored children. But with more and more families opting for these types of holidays, I thought I’d dig a bit deeper into what they offer people of all ages. So here’s what I found:

1. Cuisines for Everyone
If like me, the thought of a cruise brings up all kinds of images of formal dining rooms and stuffy dress codes, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Today, many cruise liners are trying to cater for a variety of needs, which means offering convenient dining services for all the family. From snack bars that are perfect for grabbing food on the go (while you’re sat by the pool) to casual restaurants with family-friendly menus, you really are spoilt for choice. And don’t worry – if mum and dad still fancy getting dressed up to the nines one night, there are formal options available.

2. Kids Won’t Know What to Do First
Obviously, your biggest concern when you’re going on holiday with the kids is how to keep them entertained – especially when you’re at sea. However, it looks like the bigger worry will be keeping them entertained when you get back home because cruises offer such a vast array of activities throughout the day and night. These clubs and activities are also tailored to different ages, so youngsters and teenagers have something to do without feeling as though they’ve got to join in with people a lot older or younger than them.

3. Entertainment for the Whole Family
With so many different cruise liners available, (you only need to look at places like the Bolsover Cruise Club to see the choice on offer), you’ll be able to find something that meets your family’s needs. And one huge aspect will be the entertainment provided by the ship’s staff. At night, many cruise ships offer shows that are family-friendly and often feature some of the hottest up-and-coming talentThen, during the day, you can opt for the excursions that are offered to the different places you’re travelling to. What’s more, if there’s enough of you, you could even arrange a private excursion at a similar price.

Seeing the World
Finally, one of the greatest aspects of a cruise is being able to see new places around the world and without the worry of having to integrate and find your way around the local area. There’s no upheaval as you travel around as you’ll all have the same room each night, but you do get an insight into new areas that you might not otherwise travel to. From Alaska to Europe, the possibilities are endless with cruises – and with everything included in the overall price (minus some excursions), you’ll know how much your family holiday is going to cost you from the offset.

Would you ever consider a cruise with your children?

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  1. I would need some convincing in regards to considering a cruise with children. One aspect which would concern me is the risk /s of infection. Health and Safety are Issues which I would have concerns about in combining cruising and children. As children are unaware of many risks, are continually learning. Yet tempted to explore and investigate ( ways that they learn. But could unknowingly rush into a dangerous situation, when they only saw adventure).

    Also would need convincing in regards to suitable available entertainment, activities to suit all ages.

    I wonder if themed cruising may be suitable for some families, such as Disney.

    Maybe some blog readers may have some experiences they all willing to let us know of.

    Rachel Craig

  2. Seeing the World :- Seems maybe a nice idea, good educationally, etc for an older child, or young adult. I do have a friend who is an only child, who as a young adult was invited to join her parents on a cruise. She did enjoy it, and I suppose she has shared some memories with her own children :- Now that she is a parent.

    Rachel Craig

  3. Having read the blog, reminded me of the time /s that the British Royal family had the Royal yaught Brittania. Some have said that it was the Royal family's floating home for the time that they spent on board. A cruise would maybe feel a bit like a floating hotel for paying customers. Many now feel that life is so fast paced, that maybe a cruise is the contrast. A time to get away from the hussle (busyness of every day life), a time of relaxation.

    Rachel Craig

  4. I would LOVE cruising I have a friend who worked on cruise ships for years. Unfortunately I get really bad sea sickness - not sure how I would cope! It's such a shame x