Crazy Christmas!

So Christmas is over for another year! Phew! How did everyone enjoy their Christmas? I hope it was packed full of festive spirit and cheer! 

 My Christmas was another crazy rush. I literally don't have chance to sit down for when the big day hits (and I don't even have kids yet!) We have a big family and lots of traditions to adhere to. We find ourselves travelling from town to town visiting different family members, exchanging presents and going to different Xmas parties. On top of that I work in retail so work most of Christmas too! There is not much time to unwind and take it easy.

Aside from all the the goings on I had a great Christmas! We had cheesy Christmas jumpers, batman, plenty of Cats, a dozen socks, a roast potato disaster and even a small fire! Safe to say I am glad it's all over for another year. As much as I love it I'm glad to get back to normal and relax!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everybody! 
Hope you all have a wonderful day whatever you guys get up to! 
Remember Christmas is the perfect time to indulge in far too much chocolate and wine! ;)

Jen x

My very first dress

Here is a photograph of my very first dress. I took this picture in a studio on a Hasselblad CFV with a digital back when I was at college.  How cute is it? I wore this as a newborn and my Mum has saved it ever since. Perhaps this is what started off my addiction to pretty dresses!

LP Skin Therapy

I'm writing this post to introduce and recommend a product that I have fallen in love with! I recently won a beauty hamper full of mixed goodies and found a product that I swear by.

Introducing LP Skin Therapy Refining Lip Exfoliator.

If like me you suffer with chapped lips when the winter months hit then this product would be ideal for you. Not only does the LP Skin Therapy Refining Lip Exfoliator remove the dead skin cells from your lips leaving them silky smooth but it also cleanses and and defines your pout. It leaves your lips feeling nourished and and polished in seconds.

The formula contains tiny beads of Jojoba oil which is key to the exfoliating process and Volulip which creates lip definition and fullness. Containing lemon oil and natural calming ingredients it adds an extra touch of luxury.

All you need to do to apply is to spend 30 seconds gently massaging the balm onto your lips concentrating on problem areas. After you have done that remove any access residue with a clean piece of tissue and Hey Presto! Perfect poutage!

It is £15.00 for 8ml. Which may seem to be pricey but believe me it is well worth it. A little goes a long way with this product and it should be a staple in every girls skincare routine. Don't neglect those lips!

You can buy it here:

Still in love with Carrie Bradshaw

“I got to thinking about relationships. There are those that open you up to something new and exotic, those that are old and familiar, those that bring up lots of questions, those that bring you somewhere unexpected, those that bring you far from where you started, and those that bring you back. But the most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And if you can find someone to love the you love, well, that’s just fabulous.”  -CB

Are you ready for Christmas?

It's Christmas Eve and the majority of my Christmas presents are all wrapped and ready under the Christmas tree but I still don't feel fully ready for the BIG day. I do have a few more little bits to buy and wrap but it's not that. I just don't feel "Christmassy" at all. I don't know why not because my decorations are up and my house looks festive but there is just something missing! I don't know if it because the Christmas cheer kind of dwindles as you get older or if it's because I live away from my family but today just feels like any other day to me. Perhaps it's a little of both!

Are you ready for Christmas? Are you feeling festive?

Happy Holidays!

Jen x

Febreze Pet Odour Eliminator Review


When Febreze contacted me asking if I would like to review a bottle of Febreze Pet Odour eliminator spray I jumped at the chance. Having three cats, one being a particularly smelly cat it would really come in handy! 


Febreze fabric refreshers were specifically created for materials that don't fit in the washing machine. Odours and bacteria are trapped in your fabrics on a daily basis and are gradually released back into the air over time creating scents that you would rather not have in your home. 

This is where Febreze comes in to save the day! It is designed to obliterate odours and replace them with a clean fresh scent. The Pet Odour eliminator not only gets rid of all the nasty pet smells but also tackles 99.9% of bacteria on fabrics that your furry friends leave behind. Febreze fabric spray is also non toxic to animals giving all us pet owners total peace of mind. 

I am familiar with the brand but had not used the Pet odour eliminator variety before but on using it and loving it I will be buying it again! I think it is a must for all pet owners out there. Brilliant!

-Febreze sent me a bottle for review purposes. My views are entirely my own. 

Fallen Too Far

Now I'm not a book reviewer by any means but thought I would recommend a fantastic book and an amazing author to you!  

If you haven't heard of Abbi Glines before then shame on you! Only kidding! She is an amazing author who has a knack for creating really unique, interesting and hot to trot characters! Her books are all real page turners and from page one you are hooked. I've read a lot of her work and every book is as good as the last, if not better! 

Fallen Too Far is Mrs Glines newest book and true to form it is delicious. It's an saucy emotional rollarcoaster one that will keep you up till the early hours reading. The female lead is named Blaire and she is likeable, strong, smart and independent. You instantly love her and feel for all she has been through. Rush is the main man and in true Abbi Glines style he is drop dead gorgeous, a bad boy and to top it all off he is a rocker! Cor blimey! The book ends on a real cliffhanger and I can't wait for the next installment due out in March 2013.

 Buy it, read it I can promise you won't regret it!

At £2.56 on Kindle Edition it is an absolute steal.
You can buy it here;


Loving Carrie Bradshaw

"The most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And if you can find someone to love the you you love, well, that's just fabulous." -CB

Perfume Addict

I thought I would blog about one of my favourite things in the whole wide world.. Perfume! 

Coco Chanel Mademoiselle 

I am going to tell you all about my top scents from my perfume collection. Perhaps you could get your hubby to buy you a little treat this season or get an idea of what to chose the next time you indulge!

Here is my top six. From top to bottom left to right:

Miss Dior Cherie
Dior Addict 2
Gucci Rush 2
Nina Ricci L'Elixir 
Calvin Klein Euphoria
Vera Wang Rock Princess

A little about these little bottles of heaven;

Miss Dior Cherie

Is a new take on a timeless classic. Best described as a romantic yet playful scent which has fresh, fruity, citrus and floral notes. A sensual blend of strawberry leaves and green mandarin. Then blends into a violet, pink jasmine and strawberry sorbet which finishes off with fresh patchouli and musk. It reminds me a lot of another favourite of mine Coco Chanel Mademoiselle but I find Miss Dior Cherie to be a bit more youthful. The bottle is simply stunning and very chic! 
J'adore Miss Dior! 

Dior Addict 2

Another heavenly scent from Dior. It is sublime. Another citrus floral blend with a hint of spice. The floral hints merge into soft musky notes. The top notes are freesia and grenadine and base notes white musk and sandalwood. Another sleek pink bottle that is easy to carry in your handbag and looks equally as beautiful sat on your dressing table. Dior Addict 2 is said to be made for the young and sexy! It sure makes you feel like that after you dab a little on your neck.

Gucci Rush 2
A modern, sophisticated and feminine scent. A strong floral scent with top notes of rose, freesia, lily of the Valley and base notes of musk and blackcurrant it is ideal for everyday wear. Enclosed in a sleek and stylish bright pink bottle it is the ultimate girly girl perfume! If you are on a budget but want a top quality perfume then this is the one for you. It is excellent value for money!

Nina Ricci - L'Elixir
Aimed at all the princesses out there! This fragrance is said to tickle your imagination. It is a love potion is a apple shaped bottle. It is composed of both red fruit and jasmine with a hint of lime. With an underscore of musk it adds a touch of sensuality. A beautiful and unique scent all wrapped up in one gorgeous bottle. 

Calvin Klein - Euphoria
A fun yet sexy and attractive scent. A mix of pomegranate, persimmon and green accord. Euphoria then blends into lotus flower, black orchid and ends with amber, violet, cream and woods. It is one of the more "grown up" scents that I own. It sensual but not in a flirty sense in a sophisticated way. The bottle is a sleek, simple design. Not the prettiest of bottles and it doesn't function well either. It wobbles, is hard to grip and the lid is too large but don't let that put you off because it is an irresistible scent. Only niggle is the bottle. 

Vera Wang - Rock Princess

This one is for all the Chic Rock Chicks out there. With its dark, fruity and floral mix it packs a punch and has some attitude. With opening punches of white peach and raspberry that blends into a floral meadow with hints of jasmine, lily and rose. The base is musk, coconut and cashmere. For me this is a very distinct scent. Once you smell it you remember it. It is only an occasion perfume for me and is very strong. The bottle is a beaut (what girl doesn't like hearts, rhinestones and crowns?!) and takes pride centre stage on my make up table! 

They say all perfumes smell different on everyone so all these opinions are my own taste! Hope this helps you pick out your next scent or at least my Mr may stumble upon my post and may treat me at Christmas. (Hint, hint!) 

What is your favourite perfume?

"A woman's perfume tells more about her than her handwriting.
-Christian Dior

In love with Bluebasil Brownies

Hopping from blog to blog I kept seeing the name Bluebasil Brownies.
After reading all about them and seeing the extremely delicious pictures I just had to splurge on a box of these Award Winning Gourmet Brownies myself. I just could not resist temptation any longer!

There are lots of varieties to chose from and something for every taste. I chose a 9 Piece box and "umm'd" and "ahh'd" over the flavours for a good half an hour before finally deciding on Hazelnut  Chunky White Chocolate and Banoffee.

"Hazelnuts are delicious with chocolate and we love the crunchy texture."

Chunky White Chocolate;
"Another favourite made with dark chocolate and white chocolate chunks. Also available in gluten-free (G-F)."

 and Banoffee;
"Just think of delicious tones of rich chocolate melting into fragrant banana and then delicate pockets of toffee oozing through the chocolate... need we go on?"

2 days later they arrived at my door and I was so excited! I was very happy with the delivery speed as I knew how busy they were reading their twitter feed! Everyone is buying Brownie treats for loved ones this Christmas. (I can't think of a better present!)

The biodegradable gift box and the way they were presented was lovely. It didn't take me 2 minutes before I had my head in box ready to sample my first piece of Bluebasil heaven!

All three flavours were rich, delicious and totally unique. My favourite hands down has got to be Banoffee! Honestly, I have never tasted anything quite like it! It is genius and if you are going to treat yourself to some Bluebasil goodies then please try that flavour, you will not regret it!

My new favourite treat. A Latte and a Banoffee Bluebasil Brownie!
Go on, treat yourself!

Find more information about these delicious Brownies here;

Buy them here;

I was not paid and did not receive any goods to write this review.
I purchased the brownies myself and decided to review them just because I loved them so much. 

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday

The Hobbit!

Just got back from a late night showing of The Hobbit and wow! It was incredible! Already want to go back to watch it again.

I personally think Peter Jackson is a genius. No other Director could of done The Hobbit or Lord of The Rings the justice they deserve.

Even if you weren't the biggest Tolkien fan the visuals of the movie alone will blow you away.

I loved Martin Freeman as the young Bilbo Baggins, perfect casting! I even found him fairly attractive. Being attracted to Bilbo Baggins? Never thought I would ever say that! I urge everyone to go out and watch this film!

Now I am off to get some sleep. Hopefully I won't be having nightmares of Orcs but a pleasant dream of young Bilbo wouldn't go a miss!

A trip down Memory Lane

I thought I would share some old school photo's with you. I love looking through old photo's. Back when photographs where actual photographs and not just pixels on a computer screen! Nostalgia!

This has got to be one of my all time favourite pics!
Here is my Mum and Dad back in the 80's! This was before I was born. Don't they look like a cheesy couple out of a movie? I could just see them in The Wedding Singer! I look just like my Dad.

This is my Dad and I when I had just been born! I was tiny with a bright red face and jet black hair. I looked like a little red Indian my Mum said. I can't get over how young my Dad looks!
My Mum named me after a Princess in the Conan films. Which gives me a little bit of street cred with my Mr's friends. They think it's cool that my Mum was obsessed with Arnold Schwarzenegger! I don't think they would of agreed with that sentiment if their Mothers had called them Arnie. Well on second thoughts..

Here I am chilling out in a cardboard box, as you do!
Think I was 2 at the time. Everyone would comment on how much I looked like the girl from the Poltergeist! Which is always nice!

                                                                                This is my Sister and Brother and I. Back when I was a blonde! Back when S would drool all over herself constantly and back when L looked like Stewie off Family Guy.. haha.

Well there you have it, a lovely trip down Memory Lane..

Teenage Dream OPI

Anyone else got an addiction to nail polish? If you have read my blog or twitter feed you may know I am a little crazy when it comes to the nail paint! Here is my current haul;

I can be a little bit of a snob when it comes to them. My favourites being; OPI, Nails Inc, FGL, Dior.. Paying a couple of pound extra for a bottle is so worth it. Once you try a top quality polish you will never go back to budget buys!

Anyway I thought I would show you my absolute favourite!

Teenage Dream by OPI

Teenage Dream is from the Katy Perry collection and it is hands down my ultimate nail lacquer. If I had to pick one shade to wear for the rest of my life, then this would be it!

It is almost a nude holographic glitter when you apply but the more layers you do the darker the hue of pink! You don't even need a topcoat with this baby! It also applies like a dream.

(Yes I am aware that I have Grandma hands! I won't be doing any hand modelling in the near future.. haha)

As you can see by the picture it's a very understated shade but to me it is classic with a twist! I would recommend it to every nail polish queen out there!

Prices range from £8-10 a bottle.
A bargain if you ask me!

Win £50 to spend at Baukjen! Open INT

As it is coming up to Christmas I thought I would offer someone the chance to treat themselves this season!
Up for grabs is £50 to spend at Baukjen!

If you are unfamiliar with the brand Baukjen is tailored for the stylish modern woman. From workwear, everyday wear, to evening wear there is something special for everyone. With pieces featured in magazines such as Glamour, Grazia, Observer Magazine and I. Baukjen is a sought after label.

Let me treat you!

To win simply enter on Rafflecopter below.
You have to follow the blog & follow my blog on twitter for your entries to be valid!

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1. Open Internationally
2. £50.00 store credit to 1 winner.
3. The store credit code will be emailed to the winner.
4. Competition runs from 12/12 till 31/12

Blog noob!

As you can probably tell I am new to the whole blogging world. I am really enjoying it so far! I always wanted to have my own blog but always felt as though I wouldn't be able to do it, or that people would poke fun or that I wouldn't have enough time for it. Excuses really.

I was wondering if anyone had any tips for me. Tips that could help me on my blogging journey as I have a lot to learn! I really want to get into the whole reviewing side as I love to read reviews and have enjoyed writing the couple I have done so far! So any help would be appreciated.

I am hoping to host lots more competitions too as I find running them just as fun as entering them!
What kind of prizes would you like to see on here?



Christmas Tree!

Finally! Our Tree is up!

We seem to always go for the silver theme with blue lights! Next year I am going to buy new everything and go for a red theme!

The Cats are already batting all the baubles off!

 Happy Christmas everyone!

Bedroom Athletics Review!

Bedroom Athletics was founded in 2007 and Slippers have never been better!

I first heard of Bedroom Athletics over on good old Twitter. They were hosting a giveaway to win a pair of their coveted Marilyn Slipper Boots.
I was lucky enough to win a pair!

On receiving them and trying them on I decided I just had to review them. They were simply that good!

The Marilyn Slipper Boot is made with a high quality faux fur exterior and has a real suede sole. They come in a wide range of colours, materials and sizes. They even do a range for men!
They don't just stop at Slippers though they also make a wide range of Loungewear, Nightwear, Sandals and Pumps. Even super cute Alarm Clocks!

When my boots arrived in their gorgeous gift box I was extremely pleased. I didn't wait 10 seconds before I had them out of the box and was trying them on. I had been at work on my feet all day and lets just say slipping my feet into these slippers after a long day felt like absolute heaven!

The Faux Fur is super soft and top quality and keeps your feet warm and comfortable. The material is also easy to clean as unfortunately I spilt my drink
on them the first night I had them, but with a quick wipe down and a dry they were good as new! The suede sole cushions your feet and makes all the difference, it's like you are walking on air! There is a zip on the front of the Slipper too, so you can wear them up or down.

At £20.00 the Marilyn Boot is a bargain!
For the quality, comfort and style it is a steal.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone. They would also make an excellent gift for anyone this Christmas.

I give them 10/10

Go on treat yourself!;


Lip Care Review

Anyone else really struggle with sore chapped lips in winter? I do!
I have tried so many products. Some have little to no effect and a small few work wonders!
I thought I would blog about a couple!

I would like to start with a good family favourite; Vaseline Lip Therapy - Aloe Vera! 
The tin is handy but is a bit plain to look at. I personally think Vaseline should revamp their designs. It applies goopy and thick due to the petroleum and your lips feel like they cannot breathe. I found that although Vaseline feels fantastic when you apply it that in the long run it has no lasting results. The minute it wears off it has no effect. Vaseline says that the product: "helps maintain the skin's natural moisture barrier to form a protective shield between your lips and the elements"

I would have to agree with that statement as it does seem to do that rather than moisturise your lips. 

At £1.99 from boots it's the best price out of the three but not the best product.
Vaseline Lip Therapy 4/10.

Secondly I would like to mention Carmex - Cherry.
The tub is in classic Carmex style, simple yet eye catching and in a good generous size. I feel you have to apply a generous amount to coat your lips and it does take a little longer to apply than other balms. Once it is applied it feels fantastic. You can feel it going to work on your lips. It tingles and instantly your lips feel hydrated and cared for. It even contains SPF15! Carmex really cares for your lips! The smell isn't over powering and Cherry is a firm favourite for me from their range! 

At just £2.69 at boots it's a steal! Carmex 9/10.

Figs and Rouge!
Figs and Rouge - Rambling Rose. Wow! Safe to say this is a firm favourite of mine. The design of the tins are absolutely gorgeous to look at and in a very convenient size. Figs and Rouge lip, face and body balm is 100% Organic. It contains no Petroleum and is free from Mineral oil. When applied a little goes a long way, one coating leaves your lips feeling nourished  moisturised and hydrated. The scent of the Rose is divine and really reminded me of my favourite treat; Turkish Delight! I would highly recommend this product for everyone who wants to treat their lips this winter!

At £4.99 at boots it's a little more pricey but you do get what you pay for.
The unique vintage design alone is worth an extra pound or two!
Figs and Rouge 10/10.

What are your favourite Lip care products?

Dolce Gusto Piccolo Review

After weeks of deliberating I decided on treating myself to a Coffee Machine. Sounds simple enough right? Wrong! There are so many makes and models out there that after ten minutes on browsing my mind felt like it was going to explode! 

Trying to find one that was a reasonable price, was attractive and a good model was really tough! I didn't want to pay too much but did want to invest in a solid model and I wanted it to be small as I have limited space in my kitchen. I absolutely love coffee especially Latte's and Cappuccino's so I knew I wanted a machine that made those and did not just want a simple drip machine. I also wanted to jump on the "pod" bandwagon as I think it is such an inventive idea and perfect for my early morning rush! 

After a while I found the machine that was perfect for me;
The DeLonghi Dolce Gusto Piccolo!

"The Nescafe Dolce Gusto Piccolo by Delonghi is a small, simple and quick solution to preparing a number of delicious hot and cold drinks in the comfort of your own home. You can chose from a large variety of Nescafe Dolce Gusto capsules and prepare coffee shop quality drinks in a fun and exciting way. Why not impress your guests with perfect and authentic espresso or americano, cappuccinos, caffe lattes, machiato, hot chocolate...the list goes on and all at the touch of the manual flow lever! It couldn't be easier! As the experts in bringing quality coffee to homes all over the UK, Delonghi see the Piccolo as the perfect product to suit those with busy lifestyles as it creates no mess and no fuss and it looks great in your kitchen too! " 

I paid £75 for it from Argos and was supposed to wait until Christmas to open it. It lasted five minutes in the box before I opened it up and had a coffee in hand! 

It takes literally 30 seconds to make a coffee and a delicious coffee at that! The best thing I have bought in a long time and would really encourage all Coffee lovers to buy one and try it for themselves! 

When I go into a Coffee shop now I don't enjoy the Coffee's half as much because I know I can make a better one at home and for a fraction of the cost! 

Here is one I made earlier!

I give the machine 9/10.
I would rate it a perfect 10 if Dolce Gusto did more of a range of types of Coffee's.

For more information on these fabulous machines;

Christmas Kitty

Just to prove I am not such a Scrooge.
He is my cat Baby dressed as Santa Claws!
Happy holidays!

Christmas in November

Does anyone else think people start celebrating Christmas too early and it's getting earlier and earlier each year? Or is it me being a Scrooge? It seems to take forever to get up to Christmas day. By the time you get to the day it is always an Anti-Climax and you are sort of glad it is over. I sound horrible! I think it might be the none stop Christmas songs and adverts that drive me nutty! I promise I am not a Scrooge.. Honestly! On the positive side I do love buying presents for everyone and the Coca Cola advert is amazing! But really do shops need to start selling Christmas goods in October?