Pregnancy Diary: Week 20 & 21


20 & 21 Weeks Pregnant. 

I'm writing this a little later than expected! I decided to do another double post again as 20 & 21 weeks were very similar. I need to keep on top of these posts. At the minute it has been hectic at work, home and had lots of commitments so the blog had been put on the back burner. But I am here to make up for the lost time! 

I've felt absolutely fantastic the past week or so. My energy levels are slowly going back to normal, I feel great on a whole, I've been in a great mood. I can't really complain! Well there is always something to complain about, my feet! As it has been so hot my feet and ankles have really suffered. The heat, standing up for long hours at work and pregnancy don't mix well. But at the end of the day they are only swollen feet and after a lounge around they go back to normal. What's a pair of swollen feet when you are carrying a little bundle of joy inside you, eh? 

Anyway onto the fun part! We had our long anticipated 20 week scan on the 28th of June! I literally could not wait to see our little fella again. I didn't feel nervous until we were in the waiting room at the hospital. So at the 20 week scan it is basically to make sure everything is okay with the baby. Firstly the midwife did all the checks that she needed reporting them back to the other nurse who added all the data into the computer. She measured everything from his thigh bones, to counting his little toes to even checking if he was still a boy. Which he is! Thankfully! Everything looked fine with the baby and all the while I was just in awe staring at the screen. I couldn't believe how much he had grown since the 16 week scan and I was just amazed by him. I can't believe how much I love him already. Later on Nick told me that he was worried that the sonographer was going to say something wasn't normal but honestly I was that mesmerised by our son I didn't even think that way. It was a great relief to know that everything they could check was fine and on track. True to nature he was being naughty again. She really struggled to get a good scan photo of him and kept having to shake him around to make him budge. He really is camera shy when it comes to these ladies! 

Here is our scan photo:

I think he looks like his Dad already, just from his little profile! A Nick Jnr! 
On each of our scans too he has been sleeping or lying with his hand beneath his head. That is how I sleep at night. I wonder if that is a habit he will have when he is here?

Another milestone on the 20th week as I began feeling proper kicks for the first time too! Not little butterflies but what I call pokes. The first time it happened it had me thinking was that a kick? But every day they gradually got stronger and stronger. On the 21st week they became even stronger. He also has a schedule for his active time. I call it his afternoon aerobics class and nightly yoga session. He is always most active after I have had a big meal or when I am resting. I am adoring the kicks. Enjoying them while they are nice and gentle and not uncomfortable.

I don't feel like my bump is getting much bigger but maybe cause I obsess with watching it grow everyday that I don't seem to be noticing as much. What do you think? I think it still looks rather big. The photo was taken at 21 weeks.

I'm extremely happy at the minute and really at ease. So overwhelmed with love for our little boy and so excited for our future. More than half way there now!  

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  1. Annie Costa @LaaMoii7 April 2016 at 13:20

    probably very late but congrats!