First Car Ride

If you have been keeping up to date with my blog then you will know that I recently gave birth to my beautiful baby boy. After the emotional roller-coaster of labour and birth you have another daunting experience on your hands shortly afterwards. That car ride home.  

Your baby has been safe and sound in your womb for the past 9 months and the thought of that car ride home is so frightening. There are so many worries that run through your mind. Is the car seat fitted securely? Is the seat belt to tight? Is my baby fastened in correctly? Am I driving slow enough? Too fast? Can I trust other drivers on the road? What if we break down? Do we have breakdown cover? 

We made sure our car had a top to tail service before the baby was born as it would of been a total nightmare if we had of broke down on the way home from hospital. To be on the safe side we also invested in breakdown cover. It is good to know we have breakdown cover in case we ever did have the misfortune of the car breaking down.  

We also worried a lot about the car seat. The safest way to travel with an infant is firstly to have a car seat that is suitable for their age, weight and size. The car seat obviously needs to be installed correctly and seatbelt fastened properly. The baby needs to be wearing suitable clothing and the straps pulled tightly. The car seat shouldn't wobble and the drivers seat should be against the back of the car seat. Then you are all set. 

As soon as your baby is in the car with you it pays to be extra vigilant on the roads. You can be fully confident in your own driving but you can never be too careful with other drivers on the road. 

The drive home from hospital wasn't half as daunting as I had expected. He slept all the way through the journey and we were home in no time. 

How did you find that first car ride home? 

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  1. Children younger than 2 years have very soft and delicate organs so one should avoid bringing them on the bumpy car journey. Baby shake syndrome is caused mostly because of that only.

    Arnold Brame