Baby's First Christmas

Christmas this year was always going to be a special one for us as it was our first Christmas as a family and our beautiful baby boy's very first Christmas! He was only six weeks old at the time so even though he won't remember it there will still be a million photo's to look back at once he is older and it was very special to Nick and I.

We had a lovely lie in on Christmas morning as Noah had had us up until the early hours. All three of us led in bed snuggling, then I dressed Noah in his Christmas gear. We then got up and Nick and I opened our presents while passing the baby to and fro. He watched us opening the presents and seemed to like the sound of the scrunching of the paper. Next we opened his little presents which was a Fisher Price Seahorse, Sophie le Giraffe and Lamaze Rattles. I gave him his play mat earlier in the month as I couldn't resist giving it to him early, bad Mummy! We didn't go bonkers with his presents as we knew he would be spoilt rotten by our family and we wasn't wrong on that front. After that we got ready for the day whilst Noah had a little cat nap, we had a busy day ahead. 

We then drove across the motorway and over to my Mum's where she and my Sister and Brother were all waiting. We exchanged far too many gifts and opened all our presents together whilst Noah slept. We then opened his gifts whilst he slept some more! He is a very lucky little boy indeed. I then did my hair and makeup while my Mum made the Christmas meal and Nick watched Noah (life of riley eh! But I didn't want to look like an extra out of The Walking Dead on our first Christmas photo's!) We then had our Christmas dinner together with my family, a glass of wine and pulled all the crackers. We had such a laugh around the table at all the corny cracker jokes..

My personal favourite was; Why does Santa have three yards? So he can ho! ho! ho! Ha ha!

Noah slept the entire time at my Mum's just waking for feeds. He must of been worn out with all the festivities oh and keeping Mummy and Daddy awake until 3am! 

Late afternoon we drove back over the motorway to Nick's parents house for our third round of presents! There we met up with lots of Nick's family and had a huge present swap. It was actually insane how many presents there was in that house, insane. The three of us were spoilt rotten just like at my Mum's. We are all very lucky. Noah then decided to wake up for a few hours and was passed around like pass the parcel everyone wanted a cuddle of the boy! 

After a few hours we called in a night and went home to put our feet up. Our first Christmas was super special and spent with all our favourite people. We couldn't of asked for a better Xmas and can't wait until next year! 

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  1. He looks so cute in his elf outfit! So glad you all had such a fab christmas - all the best for 2014! xoxo