All about baby - Day 1 - 20 facts about Noah

1. I knew Noah was a boy from the very beginning. I had numerous boy dreams and just had that feeling. I always wanted a boy first too, so I was very happy to be #teamblue.

I had a really enjoyable pregnancy, he was a joy to carry and really miss being pregnant.

3. Noah was the only name Nick and I agreed on. Although I did like others, he didn't.

We were all expecting a big baby and was very surprised when my 7lb 2oz tot was born.

5. He has always loved his milk and whenever has a bottle it sounds like he really enjoys it.

6. Noah is a real Mummies boy. His need to be with me seems to become stronger everyday. He frequently cries when he is someone elses arms when he see's or hears me. As soon as he is back with me he stops crying.

7. He really fights sleep but once he is asleep he loves it and will sleep for 12 hours.

8. Noah is obsessed with Spongebob Squarepants. When he hears Spongebobs voice or laugh he will stop whatever he is doing and face the TV.

9. He loves to chat, babble and coo.

10. Everyone is obsessed with him and he knows it. He has everyone wrapped around his little finger.

11. His happiest time of day when he has just woken up. His morning smiles are the biggest and when I pop my head over his moses basket he is so happy to see me.

12. Noah's favourite things are blankets. Give him a piece of material to hold and he is golden.

13. He has the most adorable husky voice but is beginning to master a whole range of noises.

14. Noah loves his nappy free time and likes to lay on his changing mat in the evenings.

15. He is quiet happy to sit on the sofa cuddled up with me watching American TV shows.

16. He loves to be in the car.

17. Although he can't sit up unaided yet and is still mastering his head control he likes to be sat up like a big boy.

18. He doesn't like tummy time but we do keep trying.

19. He is fairly laid back but if you do something he doesn't approve of he isn't shy about letting you know.

20. At the moment he finds everything Mummy says amusing.  


  1. Aww! How lovely! He sounds a delight x

  2. Have you tried propping him up a bit for tummy time? My little boy hated tummy time too but then we got him a tummy time pillow to prop him up on and he likes it a lot better now!