All about baby - Day 14 - 14 reasons why I love you

I am your Mum. 
I made you and carried you for nine months.
You are my first born, my baby, my son.
You are the love of my life, my pride and joy.
You are beautiful.
Your big smiles and cheeky grins.
Your gorgeous blue eyes that make my heart melt. 
Your giddy and funny personality.
Your fluffy blonde hair.
 When you smile at me when you have just woken up.
The comforting noses you make when you are in my arms. 
Your little hands and feet.
How you are the happiest in my arms. 
Your cute babbles and demanding yells.
Because you are you. 


  1. Ahh how lovely. I wish I had done this when my son was tiny. Will be lovely to look back and read these- especially when he's in the 'terrible twos' stage ;) x