Baby Diary: 3 Months Old

How on earth are you 3 months old already Noah? I can't believe it. You seem to learn a new trick everyday now and you are really coming into your own. You are amazing! 

You are becoming so cheeky and giddy but you also know your own mind and are so strong willed. You have such a big character for someone so little, it's incredible watching your personality develop. You are still a Mummy's boy, which I love. Our bond just seems to grow and grow each day. You love Daddy too and it's so endearing watching you spot him and smile as he comes in from work.

You were weighed last week and was 13lb 11oz! Big boy! You have almost doubled your birth weight and have a healthy and steady weight gain. I can really feel your weight now. Most 0-3 baby grows are too small for you now but 0-3 vests and trousers still fit. The issue with the baby grows are that they just aren't long enough on the arms, legs and feet. So bit of a dilemma at the minute whether just to pack away all your 0-3 and bring out your 3-6 wardrobe which is waiting for you. Or go through all the 0-3 and see which still fits. I don't want to be washing and sorting through two different sizes as although I know which is which Daddy won't when he comes to dress you. I was putting off moving you into 3-6m for as long as possible cause it's a bittersweet feeling. I'm going to have a sort through everything in the next few days. 

Other than the occasional trapped wind and runny nappies you have been great. Recently the trapped wind and belly ache has reared it's ugly head again. You get such bad trapped wind that you end up hysterical but nothing a bit of gripe water, cooled boiled water and a tummy rub doesn't fix. You have been great after all your injections too really. You have been very clingy after them but we have always given you calpol just incase.

You still absolutely love your milk! When you are feeding people always comment on how much you are enjoying it and that they have never seen a baby guzzle like it! We did switch onto hungry baby milk and it agreed with you but after a few weeks of consideration we switched back to regular Cow and Gate so we have hungry baby milk to move onto further down the line if you need it. Otherwise we would of had to move onto solids early if milk wasn't satisfying you anymore. You now drink 5oz every 3 hours during the day and have 6oz at bedtime which usually sets you through the night.

Your sleep has so improved this month! You still won't settle until late though, sometimes 11pm, sometimes midnight. You now take frequent naps throughout the day which is brilliant because it makes you a much more content baby. You do have the occasional days where you think napping is a waste of time. We have also cracked the moses basket situation and you are more than happy enough to sleep in it through the night. You usually sleep for inbetween 12-14 hours a night. Most of the time without a bottle and most of the time I have to pull you in bed with me in the morning as you do enjoy a cuddle. As you are settling so late on you do sleep until around 11am so we are trying out best to get our times better. It's a work in progress. You are getting better and better though. I think we will be moving you into your cot in the next week or two. 


- You are getting there with your head control now. You can be wobbly when you can't be bothered but other than that you are great. 

- You are almost there with laughing. There have been times we have thought was that a laugh!? I think in the next couple of weeks we will have a giggler on our hands. 

- Sleeping through. You now sleep through! Although you don't settle till late on you can go 12 hours without waking for a feed. My little man loves his sleep. 

- Playing with toys. When on your play gym you now reach for the toys. You can grab, pull, twirl, hit at the dangling toys. If you place a toy on your lab you will try to grab it and bring it up to your mouth. It's still hit and miss but more often than not you can get a hold of it. 

- Hands. You have really discovered your hands this month. You are forever chewing on them or have a few fingers in your gob. Which makes you a very dribbly baby. 

- You can grab your dummy and pull it out of your mouth now and you think you are so clever when you do! 

- You have realised that shouting and being vocal gets our attention. If you are led down on your changing mat or play gym and we nip into the kitchen to grab a cup of coffee or put a wash on you will shout for us. Literally shout. 

Things you like

- Your dummy. We try to have you without it during the day but whenever you get sleepy or upset you want it. When we put it in your mouth you make an mmm om nom noise like it's the best thing ever. Uh oh. 

- TV. You are even more of a tele addict this month. In the mornings we will sit down together and watch This Morning while I feed you your bottle and I sip on a coffee. Our little morning routine. You often get bored with your play gym and end up watching the TV instead. 

- Going out. You love being out and about getting fresh air. I find if we have a day in the house you tend to be a lot crankier and hard work. Even a quick brisk walk around our area does wonders for you. I hope the weather picks up in the following few weeks so then we can have more walks. 

- Pram. You like laying in your pram and being pushed up and down in the house. Which sometimes works for getting you to nap (which is often difficult.) 

- Logan the Lion. We bought another toy from Lamaze this month and I chose Logan the Lion for you which was a great move by Mummy because Daddy wanted to get you the Robot. You are obsessed with him and love chewing on the purple star that is dangling from his paws. Lamaze is fantastic.

- Snuggling in my arms. I am so happy that you still love being snuggled up. Your favourite place is in my arms with your head snuggled into my chest. I am loving every second while you still like it. 

- Blankets - You love blankets whether they are knitted, fleecey, woolly, muslin. You not only like to snuggle up in one when napping but you like to play with them too. 

- Changing mat. You are so content just laying on it kicking about or watching what Mummy and Daddy are doing.

- Nappy changes. So strange but you love having your nappy changed and often smile and babble all the way through it. 

- Nappy free time. You love having no nappy on and usually wee all over the place which you find highly amusing but we like to give you some time to kick about with no nappy on. 

- Your projector mobile. Your Nanny bought you this for Christmas and you love to lay in your cot watching the mobile spin around. It's not good for nap time though as you usually become so focused on the movement that it ends up waking you up. 

- Being carried. You sometimes get cranky when we are sat down with you and prefer for us to walk you around the house. Which can be difficult because at the moment we are living in a tiny bungalow and with all your bits around it is like an obstacle course. 

Things you don't like

- Tummy time. We try every day but every day you cry and want to be put back on your back.

- Naps. We do occasionally struggle to get you to take naps during the day. You do sleep well through the night so we can't really complain but because you don't like to nap you can become crabby throughout the day. We have to try really hard to get you to nap and then when you do fall asleep you only cat nap for a maximum of 30 minutes. 

- Early mornings. If I try to wake you up as it's getting late you usually whine. You are like a teenager in a babies body! 

- Getting dressed. You still really hate being dressed and normally protest. 

I don't know where the time is going. Before I know it you will be a year old, it's so frightening! We love you so much Noah Nicholas. 


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