Sunday Strolls

We had a really good day today. All we did was take a nice long walk but I really enjoyed it. We had a walk around Townley Park, nipped in a cafe for a cup of coffee and bought a few treats from the gift shop. It's a lovely place to be, especially in the Summer. The house we are hoping to buy is just around the corner which will be ideal for the baby. We thought Noah would really enjoy the stroll around the park, looking at all the tree's and the birds but he was sleeping the entire time! Although it was cold the sun was out and you could actually see the blue sky which makes a change! 

I take Noah for walks during the week while Nick is at work but we don't go for many walks as a family. By the time he gets home from work it is already dark and freezing cold so we are unable to go out together. We are going to make the time to go for a family stroll every Sunday from now on. Not only do we need the exercise and the fresh air it's nice to get out and enjoy the time as a family. 

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