Baby Haul - Next and Mini Club

I am not the most organised of people when it comes to myself but it's a different story when it comes to my Son. I like to have everything ready, everything in it's own place, everything planned in advance. Noah is currently wearing 3-6m but I don't think it will be long until he is moving up into his 6-9m sizes. As I like to be prepared I like to buy and put together his next size-up wardrobe a few weeks in advance. Things have been tight this month with saving for our mortgage and house renovations but that didn't stop me having a little shop this week! Here is what I bought.. 

Our first stop was good old Next which has got to be my favourite place for baby clothes. They stock the best quality baby clothes on the high street at a very fair price. I had browsed what I liked online but decided to go into store to have a closer look. I absolutely love Noah in blue hues as you can tell by what I chose for him! I also like him in joggers as not only does he look adorable in them they are super cosy too. I think all this was around £50 which I think is good! They didn't have the middle two tshirts in stock though so I ordered them into store. 

Our second stop was to Boots! Boot's Mini Club is another favourite of mine as their clothes are such a lovely quality. They can sometimes be a little bit pricier but so worth it especially when you can collect points on your Boots card whilst spending! You can almost justify it! I picked up a pack of babygrows and a pack of vests in sizes 6-9. I went in hoping to buy some pieces in bright colours rather than blue again but there wasn't much to choose from really. I hope that Mini Club expands a little as it's such a fabulous little brand. 

I also discovered the pack of vests in the bottom corner in my baby drawer, which was a nice find! I bought them at an Aldi baby avent a few months back and had totally forgotten about them. Again more blue! I have bought too much blue by accident! 

A couple of days later my other half, Noah and I went back into town to pick up my Next order. Whilst we were in store Nick picked up another two tshirts for Noah. I was quite impressed with his choices, not bad for Nick! 

While they weren’t part of the haul, baby rompers are something that could be added to the wardrobe. Along with looking great year-round, there are a few reasons why a parent and baby or toddler might like them. They’re one of the easiest pieces of clothes to put on, as long as you get an appropriate size.

That saves some time putting them on in the morning. The normal routine of trying to get a toddler into proper pants can be skipped. You shouldn’t need much else with them, so there wouldn’t be a struggle in picking out an outfit for your toddler.

As they get older, rompers don’t go out of style. One thing about toddlers is that they seem to grow before your eyes. Once you get them something, it can seem like a few days before it’s too small. That shouldn’t be too big of an issue with rompers, regardless of whether you get them for your baby or toddler.

There’s a certain amount of stretch with most high-quality rompers. That gives a little extra time before needing them to be replaced. A toddler isn’t the only one who’ll benefit from toddler and baby rompers. Us parents have a lot to take care of with our kids. Laundry is a big part of that.

Using rompers means cutting out a lot of the laundry you’ll have to do. While that depends on the other outfits your child wears, a romper doesn’t need much else with it to make an outfit. Since there’s little to it, there’s little to clean.

Along with what we bought this week and what we already have I think we are pretty much done with Noah's 6-9m wardrobe and that makes me feel good. I love knowing that everything is ready for him. He is growing at such an alarming rate that it wouldn't surprise me if he was wearing them next week! 


  1. babies can be really expensive, thankfully I have three girls so can pass stuff down!

  2. I LOVE Next baby clothes, they're so gorgeous and such good quality. My daughter is 1 and she's still in some of their 3-6 months clothes lol xx

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  3. We've been really lucky with hand-me-downs for our little boy, but I can't resist getting new bits for him now that he's showing his own personality! I love Mini Club too, got a couple of really cute summer onesies the other day, breaking my self-imposed spending ban. Oops.

  4. I love that Little Maverick top!! So cute! I need it for T! x